Vermont's Tyler Place Family Resort

Tyler Place Family Resort
Tyler Place Family Resort

To any parent who has struggled to find balance in family vacations, a visit to Tyler Place Family Resort can be something of an epiphany. This beloved New England resort offers a mix of family together time, kid time, couple time, and independent time, where kids experience a fun camp-style week and leave brimming with memories and accomplishments and, importantly, parents also get a tremendous vacation.

One of the best indicators of a kid-friendly resort is that families choose to return year after year. Since 1933, Tyler Place has been welcoming families to create old-fashioned, magical summer camp memories, with an off-the-chart repeat guest rate that proves that this place is getting things very right.

Tyler Place has what just may be the among the best all-around family programming in America. The day allows kids to have fun with kids, grown-ups to have fun together, and also for families to spend quality time together. There are nine age-staggered groups from newborn through 15 years old, each with its own clubhouse and super-low counselor-to-child ratios.

Convenient to the East Coast

This family camp-style resort is located in the northwest corner of Vermont on the shores of Lake Champlain. Thanks to its proximity to Interstates 87 and 89, Tyler Place is easily accessible from New York City, Montreal, and Boston. If you live in the Washington-to-Montreal corridor, you can also get to Tyler Place by train.

Fun for Babies and Toddlers

Tyler Place goes all out for little ones. Newborns to toddlers 30 months old are divided into three groups: Newborn to 12 months, 12 to 18 months, and 18 to 30 months. Each of these groups has its own playroom, and these youngest children spend their time enjoying activities with puppets, rhyming games, tumbling, bubble play, story time, water play, and nature outings. Each child is assigned a parent helper for the week, who gives one-on-one care and companionship whenever the child is in their group. In the evenings, your parents' helper eats dinner with your child before playtime at The Playhouse or, alternatively, at your accommodation.

Activities for Older Kids

Older kids from 30 months to 15 years are broken into six groups, each with its own schedule of activities. They play old stalwarts like Capture the Flag and Kick the Can, go swimming in the lake, play on the giant water trampoline, and go kayaking and boating. There are craft projects, nature outings, and scavenger hunts. In the evening group, there are movie nights and pizza parties. Teens 16 and up form a young adult group, which meets up for activities and meals.

One of the reasons so many families return year after year is that the children's program grows with your child. Older kids do many of the same activities as their younger counterparts but also get exposed to progressively more grown-up and daring activities.

Activities for Parents

While kids are in the morning group, their parents are also having fun. Each morning, the adult program offers at least a half-dozen optional organized activities. Fitness classes included Nei Kung, yoga, aqua aerobics, and Pilates. You can go rock climbing, skeet shooting, or fly casting for trout. Creative types can try pottery, watercolor, or silk-screening. There are tennis tournaments, low ropes courses, walking tours, canoe trips, bike rides, kayaking trips, antiques-hunting excursions, and winery tours.

Family Time

During the four-hour afternoon break, families can do whatever they like, from organized afternoon activities such as family fishing outings and banana boat rides to family nature hikes, arts and crafts workshops, and pony rides. Or just kick back and head to the pool or the lake. 

The pool complex features an indoor and an outdoor pool, with a kiddie pool and a Splash Pad that has water features like fountains and water guns. Lifeguards are on duty, and life jackets are available for children if needed.

Everything's Included in the Price

All-inclusive pricing is based on a seven-day, Saturday-to-Saturday stay. Rates include lodging, all meals, the children’s camps, and the overwhelming majority of adult and family activities. One of the best perks of a stay is that every family member gets a complimentary loaner bike for the entire week. From Barbie bikes with training wheels and trail-away bikes to mountain bikes, easy cruisers, and BMX bikes, just take your pick. Your base price depends on three things: Your accommodations, number of adults and children, and children’s ages.

Best Rooms

Tyler Place offers more than 70 accommodations spread throughout the resort. Most are private cottages, but there are also rooms in the inn and several apartment-style units carved from larger mansion-style homes. Some units are closer to the inn, others closer to the lake, and they all have various sizes and configurations. The reservation staff will help match your family with the right place.

Best Season

The resort is open from Memorial Day weekend until just after Labor Day. Early- and late-season special rates can bring savings; your vacation can be significantly less expensive if you come during the fringe weeks of summer as opposed to the high summer season.

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