Two-Week Central America Vacation Ideas

Central America vacations: Limitless fun in a limited amount of time

Belize, Placencia, The Moorings dingies on beach
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Two weeks is long enough for a memorable Central America vacation! If you want to see a great deal in a limited amount of time during your next vacation, Central America is the perfect destination.

Because of Central America's relatively short distances between sights, two weeks is sufficient period of time for travelers to enjoy a diverse array of attractions in one Central America vacation. Here, we've compiled several tried-and-true Central America itineraries for you to peruse. Adjust them as you like; however, always remember to figure in travel time between sights!

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You’d Better Belize It: Belize and Guatemala

Maya Magic: Guatemala and Honduras

The Rich Coast: Costa Rica

The Scenic South: Costa Rica and Panama

A Central America vacation itinerary that includes some of the world's most heart-stopping scenery, along with one of mankind's most awe-striking feats (the Panama canal).

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