Twin Bridges Canoe & Campground, West Plains, Missouri

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Twin Bridges Canoe & Campground
Location: West Plains, Missouri
Last visit: May, 2012
How found: Camped there before.
How Camped: Tent

Campground Review and Description

Description: Worst camping trip I have ever been on. I have camped and floated in several places throughout S. Missouri and have been pretty happy with each campground. This campground, however, has an owner who disregards the quiet after 11 p.m. rule for his buddies while they sing karaoke (quite loudly, I'll add) until well after midnight, even after other campers complain. His response to us was a flirty "you only live once". We couldn't share his humor when having a nine-hour float trip the next morning and three small children with us.

The next morning, the woman working at the desk could not tell us when we were supposed to meet the shuttle for the float trip and we nearly missed that shuttle (we would have had we not gone up there again to ask about the pick-up time again). The float was beautiful as the White River is beautiful and we arrived at our pick-up location 45 minutes early. Other shuttle drivers radioed in that we had arrived, but the owner (hung over, I'm sure), didn't show up to the dock until nearly 30 minutes past the time we were supposed to be there (nearly a two hour wait, but the drive to the dock is only a 30 minute drive from the campgrounds).

He then instructed us to sit on the left side of the school bus as there was a flat tire on one of the back right wheels and didn't want to put a lot of weight on that side to prevent the other wheel from popping. He then proceeds to make an extra stop at another dock in order to pick up extra floaters --consequentially filling up the bus which is missing a wheel, added another 30 minutes to the trip, on curvy narrow roads. We feared that the bus would roll.

The second night was another noisy one as the noise rule was not enforced and the man camping next to us was yelling until 1 a.m. and cursing. This establishment does not employ competent employees and the owner, Jim, is not willing to attend to problems. When we complained to the woman at the desk, she said she would send the owner down to our campsite, then he never came. We confronted him directly right before we left and he made excuses and lied about informing us of pick-up time for the shuttle and the late night they were having.

Don't waste your time or money here, there are plenty of other campgrounds to choose from!

Pros, Cons, Attractions and Additional Comments

Pros: The White River is beautiful and the float from Blair Bridge to Dawt Mill was perfect.

Even with this new-found camping experience and our own accommodations, I would say the bath houses and facilities are so well maintained even the most particular "Mom of Moms" would allow their children access.

Not only is this campground meticulously maintained but the staff and campers are very friendly, courteous and fun. We met some of the nicest campers that shared their campfires, stories, and experiences providing us as new trailer owners, some sound advice, and good laughs.

We highly recommend this campground for families with children of all ages, with the basketball court, game room and putt-putt golf everyone has something to do when not fishing, swimming or just enjoying the flames of your campfire.

Cons: the employees were incompetent and unwilling to handle problems when they arose.

Rating: 1

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