TV Shows Filmed in Atlanta

The Hollywood of the South

In recent years Atlanta has made a name for itself in TV and film, earning the nickname Hollywood of The South. Indeed, many shows have chosen to film in Atlanta, and it's not unusual to see movie stars out and about around town. Find out if one of your favorite shows is filmed in Atlanta - and maybe even become an extra!
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    The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead

    One of the biggest shows to make a splash in Atlanta is zombie hit The Walking Dead. The well-loved AMC show is filmed in and around metro Atlanta - and unlike some other shows, it happily acknowledges that (or as happy as you can be about Atlanta being the site of a zombie apocalypse!). While many shows film in Atlanta but have the actual story set elsewhere, Atlanta played a key part in the first season of the show. Residents will recognize many streets in downtown Atlanta, where the show took advantage of some deserted blocks that didn't need too much dressing up to make a good set.

    The show has filmed in several areas on the outskirts of Atlanta including Newnan, Senioa, Sharpsburg (all South of Atlanta near Peachtree City). The bulk of the scenes during the storyline on Hershel's farm were filmed in Senioa, where the farm set is located.

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    The Vampire Diaries

    The Vampire Diaries

    That's right, the heartthrobs and hotties of The Vampire Diaries work right here in Atlanta! Well, ok, usually they are over in Covington - but it's still metro Atlanta! The show has been filming in the area for several years. Big fans can even take a tour of many of the sets from a local super fan!

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    Drop Dead Diva

    Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva is another hit that calls Atlanta home. The show, now it it's fourth season, has been filming locally since it began in 2009. Unlike The Walking Dead, Drop Dead Diva doesn't acknowledge it's Atlanta home - it is set in Los Angeles (hey, we've both got bad traffic!) Drop Dead Diva's primary location is Peachtree City, though they've been spotted elsewhere around town on occasion.

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    Reality Shows Filmed in Atlanta

    Keep your eyes peeled for divas and personalities from the following reality shows that are filmed in Atlanta:

    • The Real Housewives of Atlanta
    • Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (Looking for a wedding dress? Apply to be on the show!)
    • Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
    • Auction Kings
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    Becoming an Extra on Atlanta TV Shows

    Think you've got what it takes to be a killer zombie or just a pretty face in the background of one of the many TV shows or movies being filmed in Atlanta? One of the best sources for extras casting information is Extras Casting Atlanta, and you can find out about upcoming opportunities on their Facebook page.

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    Why Atlanta?

    Downtown Atlanta
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    You might wonder why Atlanta, and Georgia overall, have become so popular as a location for movie and TV show film crews. The trick is tax incentives, with a tax break as large as 30% for filmmakers choosing Georgia. The government sees the film activity as a stimulus for our local economy, bringing money and jobs to the state. The incentive is regarded as one of the best in the country. To take full advantage, shows and films must include the Georgia logo in their credits, helping fuel our reputation as a great location for future projects.