Turkey Farms in North Carolina

Where to Get North Carolina's Freshest Turkey

Getting a "fresh" turkey for Thanksgiving has become a trend in recent years, and there are several farms in North Carolina that cater specifically to people looking for the freshest turkey possible for their holiday.

North Carolina has plenty of locations where you can purchase your turkey directly from the farm where it was born and raised, making sure your bird is a fresh and organic as possible. It's usually a good idea to order well in advance, as demand is high during the holidays.

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    Turkey Farms in North Carolina
    Courtesy of Wild Turkey Farms

    1015 Old Cress Road
    Salisbury, NC 28147
    (704) 202-9348

     Wild Turkey Farms is one of the most popular options for Charlotteans looking for farm turkeys every November. Each year, Wild Turkey Farms raises a small number of natural, free range turkeys that are processed fresh for Thanksgiving. All of the farm's turkeys are pre-sold in October and this farm has developed a cult-like following among their customers (many returning year after year for their Thanksgiving centerpiece).

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    Turkey Farms in North Carolina

    44 Cypress Hall Lane
    Louisburg, North Carolina 27549
    (252) 725-4875

    "Cypress Hall Farms has been passed down through many generations. As agriculture has changed through the years, so have we. Now, we are starting anew by going back to the old ways of sustainability and organic farming. Our animals are the happiest in the world. They enjoy a freedom that only nature can provide while feeling safe withing the boundaries of their land. Come grow with us and see how sustainability and nature can be brought from our farm to your home."

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    Free range turkey
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    2101 Cullen Rd
    Gibsonville, NC 27249
    (336) 266-8113

    "Asgard Farm is a small, family owned farm in the Piedmont of North Carolina. We produce pastured broilers, turkeys and free-range eggs. We also produce grass-fed beef and lamb as well as pasture-raised pork. All of our feed is locally milled, certified organic and soy-free. All poultry is processed on farm."

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    Turkey Farms in North Carolina

    1735 Saxapahaw-Bethlehem Church Rd
    Saxapahaw, NC 27340
    (336) 376-5332

    "Cozi Farm is a diversified, thriving polyculture where animals are treated with reverence and grace, earthworms are cherished, and all critters eat a species-appropriate diet."

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    Turkey Farm
    Flickr/Chris Luczkow

    2800 Sumner Blvd.
    Raleigh, NC 27616
    (919) 606-0320

    "Farm to Fork Meat is a member's only Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Each week you can order high foraging mob grazed meats, wild caught seafood, heirloom produce, raw cheeses, fresh roasted coffee and much more a la carte. All our food is GMO free and it is raised in balanced eco systems on SOY FREE & GMO FREE feed. Our animals are processed in USDA approved processing facilities.

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    High Farm

    Turkey Farm
    Flickr/Tom French

    400 High Farm Rd.
    Landrum, SC 29356
    (864) 921-1999

    "High Farms is a family farm devoted to using sustainable small-scale agricultural practices to produce the highest quality pasture based meat and eggs. We focus on Heritage breeds and raise all animals outdoors using rotational grazing techniques. "

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    A gaggle of turkeys
    Todd Ryburn Photography/Getty Images

    513 Burge Road
    Pinnacle, NC 27043
    (336) 325-3285

    "Turkeys are also raised on Intended Way Farm. We raise a heritage breed turkey called the Bourbon Red that is cared for similarly to our chickens. They are out on pasture roaming, pecking, strutting, and gobbling. Their beaks and wings are intact and they are also supplemented with an organic whole grain mixture. They have the sweetest, most joyful chirp."

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    Turkey Farm
    Tim Thompson / EyeEm / Getty Images

    1065 Lloyd Harrison Rd
    Snow Hill, North Carolina 28580
    (252) 747-5000

    "We raise both Mammoth Bronze turkeys as well as heritage breeds such as Blue Slate and Bourbon Red. Our turkeys are raised following the same production and health protocol as our broilers. We produce both whole birds (seasonally) as well as Ground Turkey and Sage Turkey Sausage. "

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    Turkey Farm
    Maria Jeffs / EyeEm / Getty Images

    1120 N Green St
    Morganton, NC 28655
    (828) 438-3881

    "Rock House Farm is owned by individuals who care about how the food we eat is produced, cared for, handled and the sustainability of our farm with regards to the land it occupies and the community around it. Our aim is to supply sustainable, environmentally sound and healthy food to our family, friends, and community while taking serious the responsibility for our land, plants and animals in a holistically managed way."

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