It's Now Cheaper Than Ever to Sign Up for TSA PreCheck

Just in time for holiday travel

TSA PreCheck vs. Global Entry: Which One Is a Better Deal?
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We have not heard about price cuts lately, but the Transportation Security Administration is about to change that.

Just in time for holiday travel, the government agency has announced that they're dropping the price of enrollment for TSA Precheck. This beloved program allows members to skip long airport security lines by zooming up to a speedier, members-only PreCheck line. PreCheck members are also excused from having to remove their shoes, liquids, or laptops, making their journey to the gate much faster.

TSA PreCheck is currently accepted at over 200 airports and used by 85 participating airlines across the U.S. The program recently expanded to include an expedited screening checkpoint for travelers flying out of Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas.

While the original PreCheck enrollment and in-person renewal fee would run you $85, the sign-up price has now dropped to $78. The cost to renew online will remain the same at $70.

Those interested in signing up can apply online and schedule an in-person appointment at one of more than 500 enrollment centers in the United States, including at retail companies like Staples. During in-person interviews, travelers will be asked to undergo a background check and complete fingerprinting.

Still on the fence? According to the TSA PreCheck site, 93 percent of PreCheck travelers spent an average of five minutes going through security this September. That could mean the difference between a sweaty, panicked sprint to your gate and a leisurely stroll while sipping a pre-flight coffee.

For those looking for an even better deal, several credit cards, like the Capital One Venture X and the Chase Sapphire Reserve, bake reimbursements for TSA Precheck and Global Entry sign-ups into their annual fees—meaning you won't have to pay anything at all.

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