TripSavvy Is Celebrating the Joys of Solo Travel

Planning to go it alone this year? We've got you covered

Solo Travel

skyNext / Getty Images

Gone are the days of solo travel stigma. After two years of uncertainty, today's travelers are more ready than ever before to embark on the world independently. After all, where there's a will, there's a way—and solo travelers are finding their way back to their favorite destinations with confidence and enthusiasm.

If you're planning to go it alone this year, or even if you’re still a little anxious and are looking for that extra inspiration to push you over the edge, we’ve put together the perfect package of fresh new features to help you commit to that itinerary. From magical literary trips you can recreate to inspiring stories of our own editors' solo trips, to guides on making friends abroad and an exploration of how technology has changed solo travel, our April features package is ready to help you jump into the world.

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