Tourist holding ice cream cone in front of colorful houses in copenhagen

Marco Bottigelli / Getty Images

TripSavvy Is Celebrating Food and Drink in September

Like so many travelers, some of my most rhapsodic travel memories involve food. I've always been a good eater (and, at home, quite a good cook), but there's something about planning meals on a trip that is just doubly exciting. Writing this from my home office in Brooklyn, I can instantly tick off about a dozen meals over the past two or three years that still haven't left the forefront of my brain—there was that rich curry eaten streetside in Bangkok from Jek Pui; the Negroni, toasted from up high in the hills of Tuscany; and the lobster-topped eggs Benedict, eaten seaside in Rhode Island.

It's no surprise that many travelers plan entire vacations in the pursuit of flavor—booking tables at chef-driven restaurants, snagging a seat at a buzzy bar, or expanding their palates through unique local cuisine. (Laverbread, anyone?)

Food and drink have the power to transport you wherever you are in the world, but there's something special about learning a destination's story through tasting its local ingredients. Some places in the world even have food and drink that are uniquely associated with them, like a squeaky serving of poutine in Quebec, a minty mojito in Cuba, or the many green chiles peppered throughout New Mexico.

So, in celebration of the world's most delicious sips and flavors, TripSavvy is once again dedicating our September feature package to all things food and drink. This month, we're taking you inside the rise of craft beer and spirits way out in French Polynesia, giving you a whole new bucket list to check off with a round-up of the world's best street food markets, examining how early- and original-cuisine dedicated restaurants are rightfully garnering their place in the spotlight, and taking off to 36,000 feet, where dining in the sky has gone gourmet.

We hope this package leaves you as hungry as it did us.