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Dominican Republic

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We won’t sugarcoat this: It’s a weird time for travelers. The novel coronavirus has grounded planes, closed entire nations, and canceled many spring break getaways. Early summer vacations now feel like a question mark, and the restaurants, hotels, and shops we know and love all over the world are facing unprecedented challenges.

It's hard, and we don't have all the answers—but we are here for you. We're keeping a tab on the day's travel-related news, so you can learn where it's safe to go, how to protect any planned vacations, and which airlines are offering flexible bookings and generous cancellation policies.

Perhaps most importantly, we're not giving up on travel, we’re just taking an unexpected break, and we’ll travel together again when the time is right. While we have this downtime, we’re reading books that transport us, virtually touring the world’s greatest museums, cooking cuisine from around the world, listening to podcasts that inspire us, and still dreaming of that next big trip. Join us—until we can all hit the road again.


Molly (General Manager), Laura (Editorial Director) and our superstar team: Astrid, Elizabeth, Jamie, Sherri, Taylor, and Todd

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