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There are many types of trips, and you need a plan for each one. As your itinerary takes shape, consult a step by step trip planner and make wise choices.

This index will take you to a trip planner that can save you both time and money.

If you're trying to achieve cheap travel, you must be mindful of many factors. In each travel planning situation, there are tips and precautions you should consider. Each of the linked step by step collections in this section will give you plenty to think about as you plan, and will give you a plan for making the very best itinerary decisions possible. Use these illustrated tips to save money on your next trip.

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    Airliner landing in a resort area
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    There are many ways to save money on travel. But the best "how to" approach involves a step by step progression that considers the market conditions and your own itinerary. Here are ways to save money on airfares and the overall costs of air travel.

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    Airfares aren't the only consideration when you're traveling on a budget. Before you finish your air travel plans, you'll need to examine: baggage fees and your airline's carry-on policies. In this era of air travel, these seemingly inconsequential fees can add to the bottom-line price.

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    International airlines at terminal
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    Cheap travel is possible in any country of the world if you are armed with good information. World travel isn't only for the wealthy, so check out these tips for saving money for flights to places like Costa Rica, London, and Venice. If you can apply these tips to your trip itinerary, you will save money without sacrificing enjoyment.

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    Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco
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    Cheap travel is possible across the United States, even in places that are traditionally expensive. But you'll need good information in order to save money. Check out these step by step tips for saving money in places like San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, and Disney World.

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    Backpackers exploring Don Det by bicycle, Laos
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    Sometimes you just have to take a few simple, practical steps to save money on travel. These travel tips fit into a variety of situations, so find the area where you need some expertise and follow the advice.

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    Travelling Rail from Jasper to Vancouver through the Rocky Mountains
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    There are many ways to save money on travel. But the best "how to" approach involves a step by step progression that considers the market conditions and your own itinerary. Often finding the cheapest train ticket will significantly lower your travel costs while often adding beautiful, ground-level sight seeing.

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    Hotel room
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    Finding the right cabin or hotel room can take considerable effort, and many times the ideal choice comes at a less-than-ideal price. But you don't have to wreck your travel budget in order to find affordable cruises and hotel stays.

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    Cruise ship in a Mediterranean bay
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    Shopping for cruises can reveal many surprises for the novice traveler. It pays to know more about how the industry works and what amenities you will want once aboard ship. Take a look at some articles that will guide you through the selection process in the direction of an affordable cruise.