Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Dates


trinidad and tobago carnival
••• Herve Gyssels / Getty Images

Trinidad and Tobago's annual Carnival festival -- the biggest and best in the Caribbean, and one of the top public celebrations in the world -- varies from year to year depending upon the Lenten calendar. Here are the 2015-2020 dates for Trinidad's Carnival - or at least Carnival Monday and Tuesday, the "official" celebration days, although the party always starts at least the previous Friday:

  • 2017: Feb. 27-28
  • 2018: Feb. 12-13
  • 2019: March 4-5
  • 2020: Feb. 24-25
  • 2021: Feb. 15-16

By the way, while it may seem to be absurd to be thinking about Carnival 2021, it is far from ridiculous to start planning your visit to Trinidad Carnival a year or more in advance. The party is extremely popular with locals, Trini expatriates, and tourists alike, so you need to get an early start if you want to get a good hotel or guest-house room, join a Carnival mas band, and a seat on a Carnival-season flight!