Trick-or-Treating in Oklahoma City

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The Oklahoma City area has so many Halloween-related events and activities. But for many kids, getting dressed up in that perfect costume and going trick-or-treating is the most important part of the holiday. Here is information to prepare you for taking your kids trick-or-treating in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Official Trick-or-Treat Date

In 2010, the Oklahoma City Council designated Saturday, October 30th as the "official" night for trick-or-treating in the Oklahoma City area, rather than Halloween night on the 31st.

Calling the night "Meet and Treat," the city said it made the date change in order to make things easier on families. Some area communities such as Edmond, El Reno, Midwest City and Yukon likewise moved trick-or-treating.

However, for 2017, trick-or-treat activities will be on Tuesday, October 31st in Oklahoma City.

Trick-or-Treat Safety

Experts and Oklahoma City officials often recommend the following precautions when taking your children trick-or-treating:

  • Choose bright costumes and have each child carry or wear something lit for maximum visibility in darkness
  • Avoid long costumes that can trip a child or masks that can block eyesight
  • Always make sure children are accompanied by an adult or guardian
  • Plan routes in advance and know the neighborhood well
  • Trick-or-treat only at homes with the porch lights on
  • Never enter a home
  • Travel on well-lit sidewalks
  • After trick-or-treating, inspect all candy and dispose of unwrapped or suspicious items