Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas

Steak and a Strip at Treasure's Gentleman's Club in Las Vegas

When you step up to Treasures Gentleman's Club you'll be impressed by the design. They have gone huge with the motif so your expectations will be quite high. Does that lead to disappointment?'s a strip club and with that you get the good and the bad. You can be sure to spend a lot of money as well as wonder why your drink has little to no alcohol. 

The performers are quite a varied bunch and depending on the day of the week and the time of day you might either be very pleased or extremely disappointed. You see, the mid week, middle of the day dancers tend to attract a different clientele than those late night weekend visitors. Because of that expect more tattoos and a little bit more mileage on the dancers at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. That is not necessarily a bad thing for some people but it is reality.

Things to know:

  • Drinks can get expensive and make sure that if you get a quote from a driver, a bouncer or a person at the door that you actually get that price when you pay.
  • Call ahead and you can arrange free transportation.
  • Settle on a price for a private dance before you start with the action.
  • There is a steakhouse at Treasures Gentleman's Club but nobody will believe you when you tell them that you went there for a meal. Eat on the Las Vegas strip. 

Location: Treasure's Strip Club Las Vegas
2801 Westwood Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Contact Treasure's Strip Club Las Vegas: (702) 492-3960

Treasure's Strip Club Las Vegas:

Treasures is the Las Vegas strip club that has decided to go big, I should say huge. Not just because it has two stories, a buffet and some halfway decent beef. The decor is right where you ponder if they are really serious, it borders on so nice you expect everyone to keep their clothing on. However, if you like opulence this is the club to go to and it really does not cost all that much more than the other high end strip clubs in Las Vegas.

For the Ladies at Treasure's Strip Club Las Vegas:

Unless you call football parties an attraction the girls won’t be heading to Treasures for the Bachelorette party. No guys dancing here.



Hours at Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas: Open Daily 4 pm to 6 am

Cover Charge at Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas:
$40 gets you a free ride, admission and 3 drinks.

Reservations for Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas:
VIP packages can be reserved at their website or by calling 702-257-3030.

Dress Code at Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas:

Suggestions for Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas:
Call to get a ride and save yourself some money.

Payment options at Treasure's Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas:
Cash and credit cards

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