Traveling With the Vikings in Scandinavia



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The Viking Age is Scandinavia's history between the 8th and 11th century and there is much to remind travelers of the Vikings in Scandinavia to this date. Learn how to experience the rich history by traveling with the Vikings in Scandinavia.

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Start With a Viking Tour

Viking tour


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What would a trip to Scandinavia be without an interesting tour about the Vikings? This is the only place in the world where you can experience Viking history right where it happened. A guided tour is a great way to get interesting history while enjoying a tour of the old places.

We've tried numerous guided Viking tours and can definitely recommend three of them, they're the best Viking tours in all of Scandinavia.

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Visit Aarhus, the Town of the Vikings

Aarhus, Denmark


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The Vikings settled in the town of Aarhus about 1200 years ago. Aarhus was called Aros by the Vikings and is the second largest city of Denmark today - with lots of Viking history in its museums. Moesgard Museum in Aarhus has Viking houses and runic stones, and the Viking castle Fyrkat is also close by. The entire area from Aarhus to Jelling is saturated with the most interesting traces of the Vikings. The "Jellinge" style of the old runes is named after it.

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Enjoy a Viking Event in Scandinavia

Viking ships


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How about a great outdoor festival for all ages, with Viking shows, traditional Viking crafts, and lots of interesting things to see and do? The best and most popular Viking events in Scandinavia are:

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Eat Like a Viking

Time to eat


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The midwinter feast Thorrablot in Iceland is held at any time during the month of Þorri, which begins on the first Friday after January 19th (the 13th week of winter) in Iceland. Thorrablot (in Icelandic: Þorrablót) takes place in the coldest dark days of the year and is an old Viking tradition.

But be warned, since for Thorrablot, Icelanders serve what was normal day-to-day food for Vikings...

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Visit the Kattegat and Skagerrak

Sunset over Kattegat


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The Kattegat and the Skagerrak were the most used waterways of the Vikings. The name of the Kattegat comes from old Dutch for "cat" and "hole/throat", indicating a very narrow outlet of the sea. Back in the Viking Age, the Kattegat was likely much narrower than it is today. Over time, this water passage from the Baltic to the North Sea has widened. Do you know where to find the Kattegat?

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Learn About the History of the Vikings in Scandinavia

Viking history

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Instead of crawling through thick and dusty books about the Vikings, we prefer history summaries and overviews of a country's history. Here's a quick overview of ​the Scandinavian history, sorted by country.

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