Traveling with Teens in New England

A Guide to New England Attractions That Appeal to Teens

TOMB Boston
Courtesy of 5-Wits

Traveling to New England with teens? Here are a few attractions that might actually convince them to turn off their iPods and cell phones for a while.

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Flying Without Skydiving at New Hampshire's SkyVenture

Your teens will stop tuning you out and rolling their eyes when you tell them they're going to fly! SkyVenture in Nashua, New Hampshire, is a state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel where every member of your family can soar. This indoor skydiving simulator allows visitors to experience body flight without a parachute. For reservations, call toll free: 888-SKYVENTURE.

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An Interactive Adventure at Tomb Boston

What do you get when you blend a haunted house, a theme park attraction, a Hollywood movie set, a reality TV show and a traveling museum exhibit? Find out for yourself in Boston at Tomb, the first interactive, walk-through adventure from 5W!TS. Tomb is especially appropriate for young teens and tweens. Call 617-375-WITS (9487) for reservations (recommended) and additional information.

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Tubing on the Farmington River

Here's an idea your teens will find cool: tubing on Connecticut's Farmington River! When the dog days of summer arrive in New England, it's time to rent bright yellow tubes for a 2.5-mile river ride. Here's your guide to this fun summer activity for kids ages 10 and up.

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NASCAR in New England

If your teen is a NASCAR fan, try to catch a race at one of these speedways in New England and neighboring New York.

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