Traveling to Germany with Kids

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    Neuschwanstein Castle

    derwiki / Pixabay

    Where to Have Fun with the Whole Family


    If you are traveling to Germany with your kids, the whole family is in for a treat. Much of what you’ll see seems to come straight out of a storybook - castles and palaces, medieval towns, parks and gardens. After all, Germany is the home of the Brother’s Grimm and their fairy tales. From enchanting castles, and fun museums, to the world’s largest water park, here’s how to make the most out of your family vacation and have a great time with the kids in Germany.


    If your kid loves Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland, show her the real deal: Visit the fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein, which is nestled in the Bavarian Alps and was the model for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. If your kids don’t want to walk up the hill to the castle (20 mins), you can also hop on a horse-drawn carriage. I suggest taking a tour of Neuschwanstein to see the richly decorated interior; highlights include a gaudy artificial grotto, the Throne Room with its giant...MORE crown-shaped chandelier, and the lavish Minstrels' Hall.

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    German Factory Tours for Kids

    VW Factory Germany
    Volkswagen Factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    Curious minds want to know! Take your kids behind the scenes of Germany’s most famous exports and show them how German cars, chocolate, or gummy bears are made. Many factories in Germany open their doors to visitors and offer them a look on how their products are made from start to finish.
    Before you go on one of these factory tours in Germany, make sure to call ahead and ask about reservations and tours in English. And don’t forget to check out the factory stores afterward, where you can get great deals.

    Best German Factory Tours
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    Deutsches Museum - German Museum Munich

    Deutsches Museum - German Museum Munich
    Who Says Museums Are Boring? The Largest Guitar in the World is at the Munich's Deutsches Museum. Courtesy of Deutsches Museum

    There is no better way for kids to spend a day in Munich than to explore the German Museum ("Deutsches Museum"), one of the oldest and largest science and technology museums in the world. The museum offers a plethora of interactive exhibits for busy hands, and there is a whole section dedicated to curious children: At “Kid’s Kingdom”, young explorers can sit behind the wheel of a real fire engine, fly into the air, or play on a giant guitar, just to name a few of the 1000 kid-friendly activities at this museum.

    Parents will love the museum as much as their kinder; the Deutsches Museum boasts an impressive collection of historic artifacts; you can see the first electric dynamo, the first automobile, and the laboratory bench where the atom was first split. Other highlights of the museum include exhibitions on astronomy, transportation, mining, printing, and photography.

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    Germany's Castle Road

    Heidelberg Castle
    Heidelberg Castle. Herm / Pixabay

    Is your little one in a princess phase right now? Then make her dream come true: Take a ride with the whole family on Germany's Castle Road and see as many castles as possible in the least amount of time.
    The 625-miles scenic long route, which starts in Mannheim and leads you all the way to Prague in the Czech Republic, is lined with more than 70 castles and palaces - enough for any little princess. There will be romantic ruins, picture perfect castle museums, and even castle hotels, where your kids can live their own fairy tale and spend the night in a medieval castle.

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    Germany's Fairy Tale Road

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin, actually city tourism employee Michael Boyer, leads local children dressed as rats through a quiet street on November 19, 2012 in Hameln, Germany.
    The Pied Piper of Hamelin leads local children dressed as rats down Fairy Tale Road. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

    Another great scenic drive through Germany that your kids will love: Explore the country of the Brothers Grimm along the Fairy Tale Road, which connects the towns and landscapes that were the inspiration for their most famous fairy tales.

    The 370-mile long route starts in Frankfurt and goes all the way up to Bremen in the North of Germany; along the way, you can hike in Little Red Riding Hood's forest, visit the castle of Sleeping Beauty, and climb up the tower from where Rapunzel let down her hair. Almost all of the 50 towns along the Fairy Tale Road offer family-friendly activities, such as puppet shows (in German, but with universal appeal), parades, concerts, medieval markets, historic Christmas markets, and lovely statues of your kids' favorite fairy tale characters.

    Guide to the German Fairy Tale Road

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    The Berlin Bear

    Berlin bears
    Krzysztof Dydynski / Getty Images

    The bear is the symbol of Berlin - you can see it in the city's coat of arms and your kids will be happy to discover many colorful bears all over Berlin.

    A playground with wooden play toys shaped like giant vegetables? Colorful bear statues all over the German capital? That's only two of the things that your kids will love about Berlin. Some say that the happening district "Prenzlauer Berg" in the East of the city has the most kids per capita of any neighborhood in Europe, so it doesn't come as a surprise, that Berlin offers lots of fun things for the whole family. From zoos, and parks, to boat trips, and the famous theme park Legoland, the German capital is a great place to explore for kids:


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    Can I Take Kids to Oktoberfest?

    Oktoberfest boys
    Absolutely! Boys in traditional Bavarian costumes take part in one of the Oktoberfest parades. Michael Taylor / Getty Images

    Can you take your kids to the world’s most famous beer festival? The answer is: Yes! Although the festival is famous for German beer, there is so much more: The whole family can enjoy fun rides, Ferris wheels, roller coasters, concerts, and traditional parades that will introduce your kids to Bavarian culture and history.

    There is even a designated "Oktoberfest Family Day": Every Tuesday during Oktoberfest, the whole family can enjoy discounted prices on fun rides. You can also bring your children with you into the Oktoberfest beer tents, although kids under the age of six have to leave the tents by 8 p.m. The most family-friendly Oktoberfest tents are the Augustiner Beer Tent and the Wine Tent in the early afternoon.

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    Tropical Islands

    Tropical Islands Germany
    Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    Germany is proud to be home to the largest indoor water park in the world: Tropical Islands near Berlin is housed in dome that was originally built as an airship hangar. The water park’s dimensions are gigantic: With the size of eight football fields, it is big enough to fit in the Statue of Liberty standing up, and the Eiffel Tower lying on its side.

    The indoor water park has tropical temperatures year-round and offers many fun areas to explore for the whole family:

    • The world’s biggest indoor rainforest (you can even take a guided tour through the rainforest)
    • Europe’s largest tropical spa and sauna complex (including steam baths, dry saunas, therapeutic baths, radiant heat rooms. massages, fitness room)
    • A "Tropical Sea" with a 650 feet long sandy beach
    • Various lagoons
    • "Tropical Village" with authentic buildings from Bali, Borneo, Thailand and Samoa.
    • Kid’s club with organized activities (treasure hunts, games etc)
    • Germany’s tallest water-slide tower
    • 13 different restaurants and...MORE bars offering international food and drinks
    • Shopping boulevard with Tattoo Parlor and a Hair & Beauty Salon

    Sounds like a lot to fit into one day? Don’t worry, you can also spend the night here; Tropical Island offers tents, lodges, and furnished apartments, and you can even sleep on one of the sandy beaches right by the water.

    Find more of the Germany's best water parks!


    If you buy tickets at the door, admission to the Tropical World or the Tropical Sauna & Spa complex is € 28.50 for adults and € 23.00 for children age 4-14. A Kombi-Ticket is valid for both areas and costs € 34.50 for adults and € 23.00 for children. If you want to spend at Tropical Islands, you have to pay an overnight charge of € 15.00 per person and night. For more information on prices and tickets, please consult the official Website of Tropical Islands.


    Tropical Islands is located 40 miles south of Berlin and 60 miles north of Dresden.

    Tropical-Islands-Allee 1
    15910 Krausnick Germany
    Phone: 035477 60-5050
    Website Tropical Islands

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    Take the Kids on a Train

    ICE train Koln
    Joshua Brown / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

    What's the best way to get around in Germany with kids? I recommend taking the train. In Germany, children under 15 travel for free if they are accompanied by parents or grandparents. You just have to register your kid's names on your train ticket (children under 6 don't have to be registered on your ticket).
    In Germany's Intercity Express Trains (ICE), you'll even find family-friendly compartments. The so-called "Kleinkindabteil" offers tables for playing and drawing, storage room for a stroller, and often a changing table.

    For 3 to 5 Euro, you can reserve your seat in one of these family-friendly compartments either online, at a ticket vending machine, or at the ticket counter in German train stations.