June in Amsterdam - Travel Advice, Weather & Events

What to Expect from Amsterdam in June

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Fine weather and the start of the summer festival season make June an attractive month to be in Amsterdam, but visitors should take a few special precautions to ensure a smooth travel experience. Because June is such a popular month to visit, expect crowds at attractions, restaurants and cafes, and airports and train stations; it helps to make reservations/purchase advance tickets wherever possible.

 Compare this to other advice and events for traveling Amsterdam throughout the year.


  • Temperatures hover around 60°F (15°C) -- neither too hot nor too cool for active days out on the town. Still, never dismiss the chance of precipitation!
  • Amsterdam's northerly location means that the sun rises early (before 5:30 a.m.) and sets late (around 10 p.m.) this time of year
  • June offers some of the best seasonal perks, from convivial cafe terraces to much-anticipated summer festivals and events (see below!)


  • Peak tourist season is in full effect: airfare and accommodations are pricier than in the low season (September - March), and the most desirable hotels and hostels must be booked well in advance
  • Touristic hot spots like the Anne Frank House and Museum Quarter attractions have increased wait times; avoid the queues with online tickets and/or the I amsterdam card
  • Amsterdam in summer, with its humid days and city-wide waterways, is an ideal environment for mosquitoes. Be prepared with insect repellent and an itch relief remedy

    June Weather

    • Average high: 68°F (20°C)
    • Average low: 50°F (10°C)
    • Average precipitation: 2.8 in (71 mm)

    Yearly Festivals & Events in June

    See event websites for this year's visitor information.

    Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival
    The documentary film festival Beeld voor Beeld, held at Amsterdam's Tropics Museum, explores cultural diversity by means of cinema.

    Filmmakers, both students and professionals, join in to discuss cultural themes with their audiences.

    Gay & Lesbian Summer Festival
    This extended film festival culminates in a 10-film marathon of the year's best LGBTQ films at the Rialto cinema, amid the raucous festivities of Amsterdam Pride.

    Holland Festival
    All month
    With an international line-up of performers in an almost boundless variety of disciplines -- theater, dance, music, opera and more -- the Holland Festival treats Amsterdam to almost a month of world-class performance artistry.

    ITs Festival Amsterdam
    The International Theatre School Festival Amsterdam invites over 200 theatrical talents to perform in more than 70 diverse productions in its nine-day run.

    LiteSide Festival
    The LiteSide Festival explores how eastern cultures contribute to contemporary western arts with live music, theater and dance performances, art exhibits, workshops, movies, debates and dance parties.

    MidzommerZaan Festival
    Music, literature, and fine art meet in and around the Verkade Chocolate Factory in Zaanse Schans, a tradition-oriented Dutch town, for three days of indoor and outdoor events (several with free admission).

    Open Garden Days
    Amsterdam's Open Garden Days welcomes the public into the backyards of more than 30 of the finest canal houses in town.

    Percussion Festival
    Percussion enthusiasts have a festival of their own in Amsterdam in June: now in its 12th edition, the Percussion Festival embraces traditions from all over the world and stimulates audiences with a contest and workshops.

    The Powerfest
    Billed as a "unique mix of emo, (post-)hardcore, punk, metal, crunkcore, and crossover", the Powerfest pairs new acts with cherished favorites to celebrate punk and its offshoots. Note: In 2012, the Powerfest will appear in reduced format as a three-act show plus afterparty.

    Rebellion Amsterdam
    Amsterdam puts on a scaled-down, club show version of the Rebellion festival for punks who can't make it across the channel, with Cock Sparrer and Infa Riot as the 2012 headliners.

    Religious Music Month
    All month
    This wonderful initiative of the Nieuwe Kerk offers Amsterdam a month of live performances of sacred music from Dutch and international musicians -- most of them free.

    Rode Loper (Red Carpet Festival)
    The Rode Loper celebrates the art and culture of Amsterdam East with a weekend full of theater, dance,​and fine arts.

    Robeco Summer Concerts
    All summer
    With an emphasis on classical and jazz, the Robeco Summer Concerts are more than just a performance series: live interviews with musicians, a crash course in classical music, and a special summer restaurant are some of the other perks on offer.

    Vondelpark Open-Air Theater
    All summer
    Catch up to three free performances -- from theater, dance, cabaret and stand-up comedy to music -- each week at the Vondelpark Open-Air Theater, an Amsterdam institution.