Quiz: What's Your Travel Type?

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This travel quiz can help you determine the type of traveler you are. By answering the 10 questions that comprise the quiz, you'll get a better idea of the type of vacations you are likely to be happiest choosing for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

To take the quiz, number a sheet of paper 1-10 and put the letter of your answer next to each number. If none of the answers in the quiz suits you exactly, choose the one that is closest.

#1 Travel Quiz Question:
How would you most like to spend a free afternoon?

  • A. Hiking or biking on a nature trail
  • B. Shopping for bargains
  • C. Strolling a garden in bloom
  • D. Attending a free concert or museum

#2 Travel Quiz Question:
The drinks are on the house! Which type would you prefer?

  • A. House-specialty martini
  • B. Chateau d'Yquem sauterne
  • C. Champagne
  • D. Beer

#3 Travel Quiz Question:
Which dream getaway appeals to you most?

  • A. Camping in the mountains under the stars
  • B. Deluxe suite at a 5-star resort
  • C. Hotel room with a fireplace and a big bathtub
  • D. Caribbean cruise

#4 Travel Quiz Question:
Which male celebrity would you like to spend a day with?

  • A. Richard Branson
  • B. George Clooney
  • C. Justin Timberlake
  • D. Channing Tatum

#5 Travel Quiz Question:
What scent appeals most to you?

  • A. Bonfire/thunderstorm
  • B. Sizzling steak
  • C. Rose garden
  • D. Clean laundry

#6 Travel Quiz Question:
Name your favorite season:

  • A. Spring
  • B. Winter
  • C. Fall
  • D. Summer

#7 Travel Quiz Question:
Which would you rather have underfoot?

  • A. Grass
  • B. Mosaic floor
  • C. Carpet
  • D. Sand

#8 Travel Quiz Question:
Whose music are you most likely to listen to?

  • A. U2
  • B. Puccini
  • C. Andrea Bocelli
  • D. Carrie Underwood

#9 Travel Quiz Question:
Pick the flowers you like best:

  • A. Wildflowers
  • B. Dendrobium orchids
  • C. Long-stemmed roses
  • D. Tulips

#10 Travel Quiz Question:
Which would you most likely choose in a restaurant?

  • A. Sushi
  • B. Risotto with truffles
  • C. Oysters on the half shell
  • D. Cheeseburger

Add up how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you answered.

If you got mostly As, you're an Adventure Traveler
If you got mostly Bs, you're a Luxury Traveler
If you got mostly Cs, you're a Romantic Traveler
If you got mostly Ds, you're a Budget Traveler

If you added up an equal number for two different letters, read the answers for both and see which is more like you.

A - Adventure Traveler Profile

You have a great love of the outdoors and a passion for new experiences. The natural world is endlessly fascinating, and you’re willing to sacrifice comfort to revel in it.

You crave fresh air, warm sun, and expansive vistas. What you don’t like are crowds, big cities, and pretense of any kind. You’re happiest when you veer off the beaten track and expand your horizons by visiting new places and doing things you never have before.

As an adventure traveler you follow the seasons: You ski or snowboard in winter. You go sailing, surfing, boogie boarding, waterskiing, or scuba diving in summer and whenever you can get to the tropics. In spring and fall you're hiking, biking, kayaking and trying new activities. Will this be the year you go paragliding or zip-lining — if you haven't already?

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B - Luxury Traveler Profile

You want the best of everything. It’s not that you’re a spendthrift: You simply expect good value along with exceptional comfort and snap-to-it service. You appreciate dining in top restaurants and sleeping in top hotels and don’t mind sharing your travel tips with other cognoscenti.

As a luxury traveler, you prefer oceanfront rooms to garden views, suites to deluxe rooms, and table service rather than buffets. Regardless of whether you travel to a sand-rimmed island or a glittering city, when you emerge from your suite, you want to be where the action is.

Although you can easily make your own arrangements (and often do), you will turn to a top travel agent or tour operator to plan an exceptional luxury vacation when you want to visit a faraway place for the first time.

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C - Romantic Traveler Profile

You're happiest when it’s just the two of you on vacation with no distractions. You like rose petals on your bed, a big enough bathtub for two to soak in, dinner by candlelight, and a beach to stroll or a fireplace to sit beside afterwards.

You're also somewhat sentimental about special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. And you can't think of a better way to celebrate them than by taking a trip together.

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D - Budget Traveler Profile

You’ve got big dreams but a small amount of cash to spend. Yet that doesn’t stop you.

In order to travel, you’re willing to sacrifice luxury. For instance, you’re happy to share an inner cabin on a ship just to have a chance to cruise. You choose AirBnB over a hotel every time. Sleeping on a train or a hostel or couch-surfing doesn't bother you: In fact, you consider it an adventure.

As a budget traveler, when you plan a trip away from home, you do plenty of research beforehand to know what there is to do for free and where the bargains are. Because you’re smart about money, you’re also willing to splurge once in a while on something that's totally worth it.

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