10 Travel Photographers You Should Be Following on Instagram

We must all heed the call of adventure. Travel, unlike anything else on Earth, allows us to reach outside our comfort zones to explore beyond the realm of our own environment, awakening a deep respect and reverence of the world around us, even if it's different from our own. Perhaps it opens the door for more appreciation in cultural diversity, or perhaps it paves the way for nature conservation. Whatever the change may be, no matter how big or small, now is the time to go.

To serve as inspiration, these 10 Instagram accounts from the world's best photographers and explorers will give us all the extra push to book a ticket, pack our passport, and fly to lands unknown.

Pink Floyd said it best: “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.”

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Chris Burkard: Wild & Untamed

Chris Burkard photograph

Chris Burkard spends the majority of his year strategizing how to access the furthest expanses of the Earth. There's simply no end to this travel photographer's adrenaline rush for the world. Documenting his trips on his Instagram account, @chrisburkard, click through his gallery for a dose of high-action adventure shots:

View a glacier at Jökulsarlón, a secret swimming hole in Switzerland, a tightrope walk at Glacier Point - and this barely breaks the surface into the wanderlust-inducing images he captures. Layered by outdoor, travel, adventure, surf, and lifestyle subjects, Burkard’s images inspire people to explore wild, untamed places. He also teaches workshops for seasoned and aspiring photographers alike. 

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Alex Strohl: Hilltops & Hygge

Alex Strohl photograph

Alex Strohl’s images depict a story every traveler wishes was the narrative of their life on his Instagram account, @alexstrohl. Call it romance. Call it breaking into the unknown. Call it adventure. Call it hygge. Call it every travel enthusiast’s #Goals. No matter what you call it, Strohl has a way of capturing beautiful travel moments in the most intimate, sensual way.

Madrid born, France raised and a current Montana resident, Strohl declares himself a photographer first, traveler second, but there's always a blurred line between the two monikers. More often than not, he and partner (also photographer) Andrea Dabene will visit some of the most remote corners of the world to capture authentic moments as they unfold: Scroll his feed to view a kayak surrounded by nothing but mountains, a sunrise in a tranquil area dotted with hot springs, or a high-flung aerial dive into the ocean. Strohl inspires us all to #StayandWander.

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Emilie Ristevski: Up & Away

Hot air balloon in the desert

 Emilie Ristevski

Emilie Ristevski travels the world, camera in hand, aiming to “share the details that often go unseen.” Posting pictures on her Instagram account, @helloemilie, glimpse her feed to see natural light and nostalgia - her work always captures alluring details and presents them in a delicate, almost storybook, way.

A subject of many of the photos she creates, you’ll long for Ristevski to grab you by the hand and pull you into her whimsical life…or perhaps up in a hot air balloon. A jaunt through Arashiyama’s Bamboo Forest, eye contact with an elk in Banff, and mornings at Angkor Wat are but a small glimpse into the life of this world traveler.

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Kyle Miller: Luxe Landscapes

Kyle Miller photograph

Southern California-based Kyle Miller creates clean, colorful images focusing on the beauty of natural wonder.

No city, town, or inhabitable land comes close to conveying the sheer wonder Miller captures in the wild. Browse his Instagram account, @_kmil, to discover his mastery of finding the perfect light to convey Mother Nature for the goddess she is and the importance of man’s relationship with her.

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Michaela Trimble: Remote Respites

Michaela Trimble photograph of penguins

From kayaking with orcas to capturing penguins in Antarctica, delight in the variety of color and composition in journalist and photographer Michaela Trimble’s images. Travel writer first and photographer second, Trimble aims to capture the moments in travel where you feel small, a mere shadow on the Earth's grand scale.

She contributes to Travel + Leisure, AFAR, Vogue, Conde Nast Travel, among others, and she went to all seven continents in 2017 alone. Follow her account, @michaelatrimble, to see how she documents her “passion for the world that knows no end.”

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Lisa Michele Burns: The Wandering Lens

Lisa Michele Burns photograph of man in ocean

Hailing from Australia, Lisa Michele Burns sends us to a dreamlike trance with shots from the world down under and mystical captures from above.

Burns is the founder and editor of The Wandering Lens, a travel photography and destination guide and she documents her travels on her Instagram account, @the_wanderinglens. To learn tips on how to best capture your next adventure visit her site.

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Chase Guttman: Eye in the Sky

Chase Guttman photograph of winding road to top of hill

Chase Guttman is a travel photographer and drone expert who captures stunning aerial views. He is the recipient of Young Travel Photographer of the Year three times and contributes to Huffington Post, National Geographic, New York Daily News, among others.

When he’s not shark cage diving, heli-hiking or riding ostriches, he can be found leading travel photography classes and posting epic shots on his Instagram account, @chaseguttman. Guttman has traveled to all 50 United States, over 50 countries and says he is “just getting started.”

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Marianna Jamadi: Emotional Essence

Marianna Jamadi photograph of woman dancing

Travel blogger, social media strategist, and photographer Marianna Jamadi aims to push boundaries and tap into the emotional essence of destinations around the world while documenting her travels on her Instagram account, @nomadic_habit.

Whether searching for Buddha’s tooth, sleeping among nomads in Mongolia, or climbing the sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, Jamadi’s combination of wanderlust, sensuality, and search will make anybody want to grab their passport.

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Jeremy Snell: Palpable Portraiture

Jeremy Snell photograph of man with turban

Raw, impactful and compelling summarizes the work of world traveling photographer, filmmaker, and humanitarian Jeremy Snell. With humans as the focal point, Snell captures the daily life, struggles, and environment of men, women, and children around the globe on his Instagram account, @jeremysnell.

He works with several brands, including Charity Water, Rising Daughters, Toms, Facebook, Google, and more.

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Jim Richardson: Eye on the Environment

Jim Richardson photo of landscape

As a photographer for National Geographic, expect to find Jim Richardson anywhere wild in the world, from the top of a volcanic peak to below the surface of a wetland. In addition to photographing over 30 stories for National Geographic and its sister publication, TRAVELER Magazine, Richardson founded Eyes on Earth, a program dedicated to inspiring a new generation of environmental photographers.

Eyes on Earth offers a program of on-campus lectures, seminars, and workshops that illustrate the field of environmental photography for young, aspiring documentarians. Learn more about his upcoming lectures and workshops on his website, and follow his Instagram account, @jimrichardsonng.

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