Your Travel Guide for Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway
Oslo, Norway

Oslo Personalized:

It can sometimes be hard to plan a vacation to a place where you have never been before. Questions like, "Where will we stay in Oslo?", or "What can we do while we're visiting Oslo?" will always come up when you think about your future travel plans. So simply start with the basics and use this guide to help you reach decisions before you travel to Norway's beautiful capital, Oslo.

This is Oslo travel made easy, one step at a time and without stress.

1 - Thinking About Visiting Oslo:

So you think you would like to visit Oslo, but don't really know a lot about the Norwegian city? Start with basic information about Norway as follows:

Next, compare current flight prices and learn about Norwegian customs regulations (especially if it's your first trip there). If you'll be needing transportation from the airport in Oslo, you can use the airport shuttle service.

And before you go, take a look at the medical information for Norway and whether you'll need a visa for Norway.

2 - Sleeping & Eating in Oslo:

The most important part of the trip - a warm bed and a good meal. Without either one of those, the vacation will turn into a nightmare no matter what. Try these places:


3 - Things to Do in Oslo:

The activities and events are always the most memorable part of a vacation, don't you agree? Oslo has a wealth of activities, e.g.:

4 - Transportation in Oslo:


  • Exploring Scandinavia by train can be a wonderful and relaxed experience. Learn about a popular choice for many travelers: the EUrail Pass!
  • Many travelers in these Norwegian cities love to use a bicycle for short-range and medium-range transportation. CityBike offers an extensive bicycle rental service and charges only NOK 60 for the annual subscription card. Learn more about this option at Norway's CityBikes bike rental service.
  • The Oslo City Card offers free public transportation & free sights!


5 - Did You Know:

Did you know that Norway is the Scandinavian country with the most amazing natural phenomena? It has the best locations for viewing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), as well as the Midnight Sun. In Norway, you can also experience unforgettable Polar Nights.

Learn more: Scandinavia's Natural Phenomena


6 - Find Out Much More:

This is optional, but highly recommended - after all, a vacation is so much more enjoyable when you're prepared. I would like to invite you to learn more about your destination:

For armchair travelers, there is also the Norway Photo Gallery!


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