The Ultimate Travel Tech and Gear Gift Guide Roundup

45 Great Gift Options for Travelers These Holidays

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Buying for travelers isn’t easy. Everything needs to be small, light and genuinely useful, otherwise, it’s just not worth finding the suitcase space for.

That’s why we’ve put together this wide range of gift guides – with nearly 50 items in total, there’s something for every kind of travel style, from resort vacationer to intrepid explorer, and everyone in between.

Luggage, earphones, clothing, charging equipment, health and safety, stuffing stockers and more -- you’re sure to find the gift you're after!

13 of the Very Best Gifts for Travelers (And They're All Under $50)

Kicking off with a bang, this guide is packed full of stocking stuffers and other budget gifts that are actually useful for travelers.

There’s a tiny tripod that’s ideal for getting the perfect sunset timelapse, with an in-built bottle opener to enjoy a cold beverage while you wait. There’s a flask that keeps drinks hot for 12 hours, or cold for a day, a travel-sized coffee and tea maker, a tiny picnic blanket and much, much more.

5 Great Speakers and Headphones for Travelers These Holidays

Whether it’s blocking out the noise of screaming kids (and their screaming parents) at the airport, relaxing to some mellow beats as the sun dips into the ocean, or sharing a favorite travel song with a loved one, music plays an important part of every good vacation.

We’ve got waterproof, fully-wireless earbuds, noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, small yet powerful rugged speakers and more, and the traveler in your life will love them all.

Charging With a Difference: 5 Great Power Accessories for Travelers

Think it’s hard to keep enough charge on a phone on a normal day? Now add long flights and layovers, using maps and taking photos all the time, and being away from a power socket all day, and it’s no surprise that battery life is one of the biggest complaints of the connected traveler.

We’ve found some of the best charging solutions out there for travelers, including a portable battery that doubles as a luggage scale, a rugged battery for GoPro cameras, a handy gadget that turns a deskside lamp into a USB charger, and more.

From Bedbugs to Backpacks: 6 Great Luggage Options These Holidays

Who wants a boring old suitcase when there’s so much great luggage out there? Nobody, that’s who.

There are all kinds of great gear this year, including a suitcase that kills bedbugs without even opening the lid, a collapsible carry-on that fits under the bed, yet includes a portable battery, fold-out laptop tray and digital luggage scale, a spacious rolltop backpack where the profits help fund poverty alleviation around the world, and more.

5 of the Best Smartphone Accessory Gifts for Travelers

Smartphones can be super-useful on vacation by themselves, but with the right accessories, they can be downright indispensable.

How does a protective iPhone case that adds a second screen sound? What about extra lenses that add true zoom, wide-angle and even 360-degree photos and video to the travel photography mix? Or a little memory stick that automatically backs those shots up, without needing Internet access?

6 Perfect Clothing and Accessory Gifts for Travelers

Travel clothing doesn’t have to consist of ugly brown zip-off pants and ridiculously-large sunhats. There are plenty of useful pants, shoes and other clothes out there that are far more useful, and don’t cost a fortune.

Take a look at Alterre’s interchangeable women’s shoe range, that gives all the flexibility with none of the luggage space. We’ve also found solar-heated gloves and a universal coat heater for cold-weather vacations, arguably the best travel jeans in the world, and more.

Stay Safe and Healthy on Vacation With These 5 Great Gift Ideas

Vacations are something we all look forward to, but they don’t always go according to plan. Health and safety can be a big issue, from aches, pains, ​and injuries, to safety concerns and more.

We’ve tracked down some of the best ways for travelers to deal with these problems, including a pair of lightweight panic buttons that notify friends and family of problems, a drink bottle that doubles as a foam roller, a suitcase-sized massage ball and more.

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