How to Travel From Hamburg to Paris

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Are you planning a trip from Hamburg to Paris? If so, you may have some trouble deciding whether it would make more sense to travel by plane, train or car. This guide aims to help you decide what your best options are.

Some General Considerations

Hamburg is roughly 450 miles from Paris, which makes flying the most attractive travel option for most people. It certainly is the most pragmatic choice if you need to get to Paris as quickly as possible, but if you have a bit more time to enjoy, taking the train or renting a car can be an interesting and picturesque alternative mode of travel.

Flights Between Hamburg & Paris

International carriers including Air France, KLM and Lufthansa offer daily direct flights from Hamburg to Paris, arriving at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly Airport. Direct flight times run about an hour and a half.

The downside? Often, for the cheapest flights on offers, you'll have to travel to and from airports that are an hour or more away from city centers, which can add hours to your overall travel times. So even though you think you'll get there in two hours, it could take four or five, when you factor in buses or trains to the airport, airport security lines and customs. Costs may also be higher than you initially anticipated, so make sure to factor in travel to and from airports when budgeting.

Taking the Train: Is it Worth It?

You can get from Hamburg to Paris by train in under eight hours, with many trains connecting in Cologne, Germany to high-speed Thalys lines.

If you enjoy train travel, this may indeed seem like a good option. But it's certainly more time-consuming than flying, and can often be more expensive in the age of low-cost airlines and last-minute discounts.

Getting to or From Paris by Car

In smooth traffic conditions, it can take 10 hours or more to get to Paris from Hamburg by car, but it can be a nice way to see some picturesque stretches of Germany and France. Expect to pay somewhat hefty toll fees at several points throughout the trip, though. The process of renting a car and possibly having difficulty finding an automatic car to drive is enough to deter some travelers, too.

Ground Transport Options

If you're arriving in Paris by plane, you'll need to figure out how to get to the center of the city from the airports. Our Paris Ground Transport Options guide offers full advice and details on how to get around like a local, without stress or worry.

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