How to Travel From Berlin to Paris

Flights, Trains and Car Rental Options

Tube station , Bundestag, Berlin, Germany
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Are you planning a trip from Berlin to Paris but are having trouble deciding whether it would make more sense to travel by plane, train or car? Berlin is roughly 550 miles from Paris, which makes flying the most attractive travel option for most. It certainly is the most pragmatic choice if you need to get to Paris as quickly as possible, but if you have a bit more time to enjoy, taking the train or renting a car can be an interesting and picturesque alternative.

Travel by Plane

International carriers including Air France and Lufthansa and low-cost regional companies such as Air Berlin and Easyjet offer daily flights from Berlin to Paris, arriving at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport or Orly Airport. 

If you're arriving in Paris by plane, you'll need to figure out how to get to the center of the city from the airports. Read about ground transportation options in Paris.

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Travel by Train

You can get to Paris from Berlin by train in roughly 9 hours, with most trains transferring in Frankfurt, Mannheim or Cologne. Direct night trains are also available and get to the Paris Gare de l'Est station in around 13 hours and 30 minutes. The downside of taking the train? Direct trains are scarce, so you should be a big lover of this mode of transport.​

Travel by Car

In smooth traffic conditions, it can take 8-10 hours or more to get to Paris from Berlin by car, but it can be a nice way to see large stretches of Germany and Eastern France.

Expect to pay somewhat hefty toll fees at several points throughout the trip, though.

Travel to Paris From Elsewhere

If you're traveling to Paris from elsewhere in Germany, learn what your options are from ​​Munich, ​Hamburg, or ​Frankfurt.