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9 Products Our Editors Suggest for Your Next Solo Trip

These items will help make going it alone so much easier—trust us

We’re celebrating the joy of solo travel. Let us inspire your next adventure with features about why 2021 is the ultimate year for a solo trip and how traveling alone can actually come with amazing perks. Then, read personal features from writers who have traversed the globe alone, from hiking the Appalachian Trail, to riding rollercoasters, and finding themselves while discovering new places. Whether you’ve taken a solo trip or you’re considering it, learn why a trip for one should be on your bucket list.

Whether we're traveling to get the scoop on a new hotel opening or traipsing around Europe by ourselves for two weeks, we at TripSavvy are no strangers to the solo trip. And while one might think that you'd pack no differently when traveling by yourself than when venturing off with a partner or group of friends, there are a few items that we have found made going it alone so much easier.

From luggage locks for protecting your things in a shared dorm to an app that helps you manage your itinerary, here’s what our editors absolutely have to have when flying solo.

Sherri's Editor's Pick

Before embarking on my first solo trip, I didn’t see a real need for luggage locks as I seldom check my luggage. But when I decided to stay in a hostel for the trip, I immediately started hunting for TSA-approved locks. Knowing that my bag was secure in my shared room made it so much easier to enjoy my vacation anxiety-free, and by going for a TSA-approved one, I can use the locks if I ever need to check a bag. These Anvil locks are easy to use and brightly colored, which makes finding your bag after a long flight that much easier.


Laura's pick for solo travel gear

Two heads are better than one, right? Well, when I’m traveling solo, my own head is all I got. And even though it’s beneficial to have a spouse or a friend to help keep track of our connecting flights, a rental car reservation, and the hotel’s address, I’ve discovered a singular app that does all that and more, allowing me to devote more precious brain cells to actually enjoying my trip. TripIt Pro organizes everything from restaurant reservations to flight confirmations all in one place and is even smart enough to automatically find these important little chunks of information within your inbox. Once you’ve hit the road, the app keeps track of every last detail, ranging from seat assignments to delayed flights and connecting gate information. In fact, it’s so good that I’ve even learned of flight delays via push notifications from the app before the gate agent has even announced them.

$49 annually,

Taylor's editor's pick

We all want that perfect candid shot of us on vacation. However, when you’re traveling alone, you’re often left behind the camera. Using a remote control shutter is the next best thing. The CamKix Camera shutter works with most smartphones and tablets or any device that has Bluetooth. The remote has a 10-foot range, giving you the freedom to move and create the perfect vacation shot! Other versions work with common DSLR cameras like Canon and Nikon if you want to upgrade.


Elizabeth's pick for solo travel gear

Since I’m a bit squeamish about getting athlete’s foot, I always slip on a pair of flip-flops before hopping into the communal shower at any hostel. Enter Old Navy’s casual flip-flop sandals, the perfect shower shoe for traveling. Made with a synthetic sole, these lightweight sandals are pretty comfy for a $3 shoe, and they’re easy to stuff in a carry-on or backpack. Plus, the traction on the bottom helps prevent slipping and sliding in the bathroom. While you may want a sturdier pair of flip-flops for the beach, they'll do just fine if you're short on packing space. They run small, so make sure to order a size up!


Jamie's pick for solo travel gear

Packing light for a solo trip is essential—I like to be mobile and efficient on the go, while also feeling confident that I can comfortably carry everything I pack for the duration of the trip. And for me, roller bags just don’t work. (Rolling a bag over clunky, cobblestone streets? Lifting it up multiple flights of stairs to a treehouse cabin? No, thanks.) Instead, I use my Timbuk2 Wander Backpack. I can fit everything I need in this backpack, from my 10-day adventure trip around Sri Lanka to my five-day winter trip (read: bulkier gear) in Switzerland. I also love that it has so many pockets. I'll store my dirtier hiking shoes in the separate bottom pocket, and the top zip compartment is great for quick access to things, like an eye mask or phone charger. Plus, if needed, I’m usually able to fit it under the seat in front of me on a flight to avoid having to gate check it. (Team carry-on, here!)


Ellie's Editor's Picks

Belt bags (an elevated term for "fanny pack" in my opinion) have come back into the good graces of trendsetters, and this is excellent news for travelers. I won't go anywhere without this belt bag (ahem, fanny pack) from Lululemon. I like to keep it slung right across my chest when I'm traveling solo for quick access. There's a handy back pocket for especially valuable items (like cash and my passport), but plenty of room in the spacious main pocket for a small water bottle, keys, a cell phone, and my Epipen in case I encounter any bees.


If you're traveling solo, you need to be prepared. And part of being prepared means being ready to walk—a lot, potentially. If you get lost, if you're pulling a multi-terminal travel day, or if you're just planning to get a lot of sightseeing in, you're going to want reliable and comfortable shoes. For me, this means Hoka One One because they provide a ton of support via those chunky soles and they're ultra-light, which is ideal for packing. I favor a running shoe, so I like the Mach 3 in all-white (you can't go wrong with white sneakers), but the Clifton L is a great lifestyle alternative.


Astrid's Editor's Picks

As someone who is very, very online, the thought of being in a beautiful destination without enough battery to take photos or film videos for social media fills me with absolute dread. That’s why I always make sure to have a battery pack on me—specifically one powerful enough to charge all of my devices. I’ve used this Anker charger on trips where it works as a wall charger during my time in the hotel room, and then as a fully charged portable charger during the day. It’s always had enough juice to fully recharge my phone several times over, and it’s also powerful enough to charge my iPad.


If you’re solo traveling someplace where you’re going to want to take photos in a body of water, a waterproof phone pouch is essential. With the JOTO pouch, you can spend plenty of time perfecting that selfie angle without the fear of your slippery hands dropping your phone into the waves. Even if it does slip, your phone will stay completely dry. If you’re not taking photos but still feel uncomfortable leaving your phone unattended, this is also a great option to have at the beach. I used this on trips to the Blue Lagoon and the Dead Sea, and I now recommend it to everyone.