How to Get From Seville to Ronda and Back

Ronda is a great day trip from Seville. Leo Hidalgo / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Ronda is not the easiest place to get to in Spain. The area is poorly connected by train and the road routes there are windy and pretty scary. A good idea is to take a guided tour of Ronda, which will whisk you there and back and give you an expert's insight while you're there. Unfortunately, no tour companies do guided trips from Seville, but there are tour companies that do multi-day tours of southern Spain that include both Seville and Ronda.

How to Include Ronda on Your Itinerary

  • As a Day Trip: Travel to Seville and back involves five hours of bus travel (or four hours if you have a car). This is a lot of travel to end up back where you started from. If Seville isn't your only other destination on your trip, the option below could be better for you. See also: Guided Tour of Ronda from Seville
  • En Route to Malaga or Granada: Five hours on a bus feels much more worthwhile if you actually end up in a different city at the end! A visit to Ronda is a convenient stop on the way from Seville to both Malaga and Granada. But working out what to do with your bags, as well as fitting in travel and sightseeing in one day, is a lot to attempt if you've never been before. These two guided tours that cut out a lot of the headaches: Seville to Malaga with Ronda Visit and Seville to Granada with Ronda Visit.
  • Stay Overnight: Ronda is most often visited as a day trip. Which means Ronda in the daytime with its busloads of tourists is very different from Ronda at night, when they've all gone home. But that's not to say that Ronda is a ghost town in the evening; the city has a very vibrant tapas culture, with some great places to eat with the locals. Staying overnight in Ronda is a great way to get the most out of your time in the city. Check Prices on Hotels in Ronda.

    How to Get to Ronda by Bus, Car and Train

    • Seville to Ronda by Bus: The bus service from Seville to Ronda is run by Los Amarillos. The journey takes two to two-and-a-half hours. Buses depart from Prado de San Sebastian Bus Station. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Seville.
    • Seville to Ronda by Car: Take the A376, followed by a short section of the A382, before returning to the A376. You will eventually see Ronda signposted. The journey takes just under two hours.