How to Get to from Granada to Ronda

Getting between these two cities in Andalusia is easy

Ronda in Spain
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Once you actually arrive, Ronda is a magnificent place to spend a few days. Dramatically situated over a deep gorge, the city is best known for its Puente Nuevo ("new bridge") which spans the valley far below. Its winding streets are lined by whitewashed houses that exude Andalusian charm, and there are stunning views around practically every corner. Needless to say, this stunning town in the province of Malaga is a must on any southern Spain itinerary.

That being said, Ronda is not the easiest place to get to in Spain. The area is poorly connected by train and the road routes there are winding and pretty scary—especially if you're not used to driving in Spain already. 

How to Get to from Granada to Ronda by Bus, Car, and Train

  • A guided tour of Ronda from Granada: A guided tour of Ronda is the most convenient way of getting to Ronda. Not only is private transportation provided—eliminating the most complicated aspect of your trip—but your expert guide will also provide great insights into the city and its history.
  • Granada to Ronda by car: If you have access to your own vehicle, driving from Granada to Ronda is also an option. Take the A92 to exit 146, merging onto the A384, before taking the A357 and then the A367. The journey takes just over two hours in normal traffic conditions. Be aware that parking in Ronda can be quite difficult once you do arrive.
  • Granada to Ronda by rideshare: Here in Spain, ridesharing is another popular way of traveling between cities. Apps like Blablacar and Amovens allow locals to sell extra seats in their car for the price of a portion of a tank of gas. It's often cheaper than public transportation and a great way to possibly even make a new friend.
  • Granada to Ronda by bus: Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from Granada to Ronda.
  • Granada to Ronda by train: Granada didn't have a functioning train system for several years, but luckily, that changed in 2019. And if public transportation is the best option for you, you'll be pleased to know that there is a direct train from Granada to Ronda. The journey takes three hours and costs 20 euros.

If you're making the reverse trip from Ronda to Granada, you're equally lucky. As one of the most popular cities in southern Spain, Granada never fails to impress. From the iconic Alhambra to the backstreets of the Albayzín, there's a neverending list of things to see and explore in this Moorish jewel of a city in Andalusia. Check out our complete guide to things to do in Granada, and enjoy your trip!

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