How to Get from City to City in Spain

How to Get Between Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia and Malaga, etc

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How to get between major cities in Spain by bus, car, train and plane.

Which Mode of Transport Is Best in Spain?

Spain has probably the best train network in Europe. It has a number of AVE high-speed train routes radiating out from Madrid, as well as some excellent scenic train journeys, particularly in the north of the country.

If you plan on making all your journeys by train.

However, the best train services in Spain can be expensive, though luxurious. Those traveling on a tight budget should consider the bus, which is usually much cheaper, more frequent and can, on occasions, be quicker than the train. See also: Bus v Train in Spain.

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And how about driving? Bear in mind that there are a lot of toll roads in Spain, which can push up the cost of your trip by quite a bit. Plus, while it might be the most convenient way to get to some of the smaller places in Spain, traveling from city to city by car leaves you with the difficult situation of parking at the end of your journey: not easy in many of Spain's biggest cities. Compare Prices on Car Hire in Spain

And then, of course, there's flying. Ryanair and Vueling both have extensive internal flight networks in Spain (and Ryanair has improved greatly over the past year or two). Check out my guide to Internal Flights in Spain.

Guided Tours of Spain 

Prefer to put your feet up and let someone else drive? The quality and quantity of tours of Spain are going up all the time. There were was a time when tours only departed from Madrid, but now you can start in Barcelona and Malaga too. 

International Travel from Spanish Cities

For travel in and out of Spain (and around nearby Portugal) check out these links:

How to Get from Madrid to...

With its central location and the AVE high-speed train, it is usually very easy to get from Madrid to the city of your choice.

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How to Get from Barcelona to...

With Barcelona being tucked away in the north-east of Spain, it is not very well connected to many parts of Spain. Many longer trajectories will require a change in Madrid (if traveling by train, at least).

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How to Get from Malaga to...

With a major airport, Malaga has some good connections to other cities in the area. However, the lack of a railroad along the south coast can be frustrating. Malaga to Alicante | Malaga to Almeria | Malaga to Barcelona | Malaga to Cordoba | Malaga to Granada | Malaga to Madrid | Malaga to Murcia | Malaga to Seville | Malaga to Tarifa | Malaga to Valencia

How to Get from Pamplona to...

Pamplona isn't very well connected by train, so you're going to have to take the bus or drive. Luckily, the bus station is very modern and centrally located. Pamplona to Barcelona | Pamplona to Bilbao | Pamplona to Leon | Pamplona to Logroño | Pamplona to Madrid | Pamplona to San Sebastian | Pamplona to Santander | Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela | Pamplona to Valencia | Pamplona to Vitoria

How to Get from Seville to...

The Madrid-Seville route was the first AVE high-speed train service in Spain, but someone forgot to build a regular rail service between Merida, Caceres and Salamanca. Maybe one day...

See also: Lisbon to Seville

How to Get from Valencia to...

Valencia is very well connected to Barcelona and Madrid, but connections to other cities are not always as good as could be.

How to Get from Bilbao to...

Bilbao has a lot of different train companies, so be sure you get the right train. See Which Train Station in Bilbao?.

How to Get from San Sebastian to...

Tucked away in the north of Spain, there are good connections to France and Madrid, but many journeys from here are very long.

How to Get from Granada to...

You're rarely going to want to take the train from Granada - the bus is very often quicker and much, much cheaper. Granada to Barcelona | Granada to Madrid | Granada to Cordoba | Granada to Malaga | Granada to Ronda | Granada to Seville | Granada to Valencia

How to Get to Alicante...

How to Get to Ronda...

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