Waste, Trash and Recycling in Warr Acres

In charge of trash pickup in Warr Acres, Oklahoma is the city's Sewer and Sanitation Services Department. Here are some common questions regarding trash pickup, bulk pickup, schedules and recycling in Warr Acres.

How do I get trash service in Warr Acres?

If you live within the limits of Warr Acres, trash service is provided by the city and charges billed monthly. To establish service, fill out an application and submit to City Hall at 5930 NW 49th.

Where do I put my trash?

Residents provide their own container, and the city requires receptacles of "galvanized or heavy plastic with lids," with a capacity between 10 and 40 gallons. Barrels, drums or boxes are not allowed, but Warr Acres has a variety of residential dumpsters for temporary use. Dumpsters are required if you need more than 4 containers (or 160 total gallons). Call (405) 491-6474 for more information. Trash is collected twice a week, "at a distance of no greater than ten feet from the corner of the house nearest the street," and a ​​service map is available online. Workers won't go through gates or doors.​

What about lawn clippings, tree limbs or Christmas trees?

The city will pick up these items curbside on Wednesday. Just cut limbs to lengths no greater than 4 feet and secure in bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds. For yard waste, place in securely-tied plastic bags of 50 pounds or less.

Keep in mind, though, that you'll be charged a fee if there are any more than 8 bags.

What about bulk items?

The city of Warr Acres has special bulk pickup days through the year, advertised in advance in the city newsletter. Accepted items include furniture, appliances, fencing, and mattresses. Items are to be placed curbside by 6 a.m. on the designated collection day, but not more than 4 days prior to collection.

For questions on specific bulk items or collection, call (405) 491-6474.

Is there anything I can't throw away?

Yes. In general, you shouldn't dispose of any chemicals or hazardous items. This includes things such as medical waste, paint, oil, cooking grease, pesticides, acids and car batteries. Also, don't throw away building materials, rocks or tires. Attempts to do so are unlawful and could result in a penalty.

For hazardous waste disposal information, call (405) 682-7038. Also, look for alternative disposal methods of these items. For example, many automotive stores such as Auto Zone will dispose of car batteries and motor oil, Wal-Mart will recycle tires, and websites such as​ earth911.com can help you find disposal solutions near you for any number of hazardous materials.

Does Warr Acres provide recycling services?

No, not at this time. However, note that many schools and churches in town have recycling bins for newspapers, magazines, and plastic.