Waste, Trash and Recycling Services in The Village

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Through a contract with the city that began in 2005, contractor Waste Connections, Inc. is in charge of trash pickup in The Village, Oklahoma. Here are some common questions regarding trash pickup, bulk pickup, schedules and recycling in The Village.


The contractor responsible for waste collection also provides recycling services. In fact, recyclers in The Village can actually earn money through a point system called RecycleBank, something rare among metro area communities. Recyclable materials include cardboard, clear or colored glass, clean aluminum foil, phone books, magazines, plastics 1-7, steel cans and aluminum cans.

For more information, go online to recyclebank.com or call (888) 727-2978.

The Village's facility 1701 NW 115th St. now only accepts bulk metals for recycling, but some schools and churches in the city limits have drop-off bins for paper and cardboard.


If you live within the limits of The Village, charges for waste collection service appear on your city utility bill. You are provided two 95-gallon poly carts. If you don't need both, you can have one removed by calling (405) 751-8861 ext. 255, but know that the service charge will not decrease.

No earlier than 3 p.m. the day before pickup and no later than 6 a.m. the morning of, the poly cart(s) should be placed curbside, at least 3 feet from each other and 5 feet from any mailboxes, cars, shrubs or other interferences. Trash can't be placed outside of the cart in bags or other cans, and the poly cart lids must be closed. The poly carts should be removed from the curbside area no later than 8 a.m. the day after collection.

Bulky Items

The Village offers "bulky waste" pickup days once a month and you can call to find the date of the next pickup in your area. Bulk waste can include appliances, mattresses, furniture, and fencing, but each bulk pickup is limited to three (3) cubic yards of waste. The Village city code specifies that bulk items cannot be curbside more than 24 hours before pickup day.

In addition, The Village residents can take these items, up to 2 pickup loads per billing cycle, to the city's bulk waste site at 1701 NW 115th St. Just bring a utility stub and a photo ID. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

Yard Waste and Christmas Trees

If it won't fit in the poly cart, it's considered bulk waste and would be picked up on the monthly bulk collection day. Small items such as lawn clippings should be in bags for bulk pickup, and tree limbs, including Christmas trees, should be cut and tied and into bundles no bigger than 2 feet by 4 feet and not weighing more than 35 pounds.

Holiday Schedule

Since The Village contracts trash collection, services continue as usual on many holidays. When they don't, pick-up days are generally rescheduled for the following Saturday. The city maintains a holiday schedule online.

Hazardous Materials

Yes. In general, you shouldn't dispose of any chemicals or hazardous items. This includes things such as paint, oil, cooking grease, pesticides, acids, car batteries, and tires. Also, don't throw away building materials, rocks or dirt.

Instead, look for alternate disposal methods for these items. For example, many automotive stores such as Auto Zone will dispose of car batteries and motor oil, Wal-Mart will recycle tires, and websites such as earth911.com can help you find disposal solutions near you for any number of hazardous materials.

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