Waste, Trash and Recycling in Bethany, Oklahoma

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 In charge of trash pickup in Bethany, Oklahoma is the city's Public Works Department. Here are some common questions regarding trash pickup, bulk pickup, schedules and recycling in Bethany.

Where to Put Your Trash

If you live within the limits of Bethany, trash service is provided by the city only, and charges for the service appear on your city utility bill. Private waste removal is not allowed. According to code, residents must use a "weather-proof metal or plastic receptacle" that is designed for solid waste disposal, and it can't exceed 40 gallons in size.
By 6 a.m. on the morning of pickup, receptacle(s) should be placed within 10 feet of the curb and not blocked by cars, fences or other barriers. Trash not in a container won't be collected. Also, note that the city does not pick up on major holidays. In those situations, it resumes the next business day. For waste disposal questions and pickup schedule information, contact (405) 789-6285.

How to Dispose of Tree Limbs, Christmas Trees or Bulk Items

The city of Bethany has one bulk pickup day each year, typically in the fall. Provided they show a current water bill and ID, citizens can also bring bulk items, including appliances, for disposal at the Public Works Collection Station. Any appliance containing freon must be drained and tagged before being accepted. Charges are applied to the resident's monthly utility bill and are based on load volume, as of 2013 starting at $7 per cubic yard. For more information on charges, contact Public Works at (405) 789-6285.

The city will pick up small tree limbs, as long as they are cut into smaller pieces and securely tied in bundles that don't exceed 4 feet in length nor weigh more than 50 pounds.

What Cannot Be Thrown Out 

In general, you shouldn't dispose of any chemicals or hazardous items. This includes things such as paint, oil, cooking grease, pesticides, acids, and car batteries. Also, don't throw away building materials, rocks or tires. Attempts to do so are unlawful and could result in a penalty. Instead, look for alternative disposal methods of these items. For example, many automotive stores such as Auto Zone will dispose of car batteries and motor oil, Wal-Mart will recycle tires, and websites such as earth911.com can help you find disposal solutions near you for any number of hazardous materials.

Recycling Services

Recyclables such as plastics 1 & 2, tin, and aluminum products can be taken to the Public Works Department at 5300 N. Central Rd. The facility is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m, Monday through Friday, and is closed on holidays. Paper and cardboard are not accepted.   

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