Transportation to Bohol, Philippines

Bohol Island's Pretty Easy to Get To, by Sea or by Air

Tricycles waiting at Tagbilaran Port, Bohol

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The speed and expense involved in getting to Bohol in the Philippines depend on your budget. Direct flights from Manila to Bohol's Panglao Airport can get you there the fastest, but riding a passenger liner from Manila to Tagbilaran Wharf may prove to be more cost-effective.

Bohol is accessible via air and sea links.

Getting to Bohol By Air

The brand-spanking-new Bohol-Panglao Airport (IATA: TAG) serves both domestic and international flights into the island of Bohol. The airport is located at Panglao Island, connected to the main island of Bohol by a causeway.

Alternatively, instead of flying to Panglao from Manila, you can choose to fly from Manila to Mactan-Cebu International Airport near the city of Cebu (IATA: CEB), which happens to be only a two-hour fast ferry ride away from Bohol.

Choose this option if you're up to making a side trip to explore Cebu, or if either budget or schedule make the Cebu route a better fit in your itinerary.

The Philippines' largest air carrier, Cebu Pacific can fly you to both Tagbilaran and Cebu from throughout the Philippines and (if flying into Cebu) from Singapore's Changi Airport and Hong Kong's HKIA. As one of Southeast Asia’s top low-cost carriers, Cebu Pacific offers cut-rate fares that can be had for even lower if you can catch one of their seat sales.

Other carriers servicing Bohol-Panglao Airport include AirAsia and Philippine Airlines. Currently the airport services one international destination, Incheon in South Korea.

Getting to Bohol By Sea

Transportation to Bohol by sea connects the island with nearby Cebu and other ports around the archipelago.

From Cebu, travelers can take fast ferries that disembark at either Tagbilaran or at the more northern port of Tubigon.

Cebu to Tagbilaran, Bohol: Fast ferries take two hours to travel from Cebu's port area to Tagbilaran City. SuperCat (official site) and OceanJet (official site) travel this route regularly. SuperCat and OceanJet both depart from Cebu's Pier One.

Cebu to Tubigon, Bohol: Travel from Cebu to Tubigon is about thirty minutes shorter than the Tagbilaran route. Travelers heading to Tubigon can book trips on board Weesam Express (official site), MV Starcraft (official site) and FastCat (official site). Weesam departs from Cebu’s Pier Three, while the rest depart from Pier One.

Transportation Around Bohol

Outside the arrival areas of both Panglao Airport and Tagbilaran City Wharf, you'll find plenty of for-hire vans, taxis and tricycle drivers waiting, aggressively touting their services. From Tagbilaran, taxis will gladly take you to Panglao but will charge double for the ride, as they have no guarantee of a return fare on the way back.

Many resorts and hotels around Bohol provide free airport pick-up for their guests.

If you're traveling on a budget, take the tricycle to the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT), a large public transport hub adjoining Island City Mall and Dao Public Market in Tagbilaran City, not very far from either the airport or the wharf.

Air-conditioned and open-air vans, buses and jeepneys depart from IBT to all points in Bohol. Ask around to find out what bus or jeep is going your way.

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