Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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    What Is on the Way to the New Walt Disney World Area?

    Slinky Dog Coaster coming to Toy Story Land.
    Disney. Used with permission.

    A new Toy Story Land is opening in summer 2018 at Disney's Hollywood Studios, part of Walt Disney World in Florida.  At 11 acres, it will be substantial in size. Toy Story Land will be located adjacent to the existing Toy Story Mania attraction, which will anchor the area. The expanded land will use some of the reclaimed area from the former Studio Backlot Tour. 

    According to Kathy Mangum of Walt Disney Imagineering, visitors to the new land will shrink to the size of Woody, Buzz, and the other diminutive Toy Story toys and join them for adventures in Andy's backyard. Disney used a similar concept for its Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure at the Studios park. With Toy Story Land on its way, that play area closed in 2016.

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    Expect Cars Land-Level Quality

    New Toy Story Land coming to Walt Disney World.
    Disney. Used with permission.

    Instead of sticking with the moviemaking behind-the-scenes mission that has driven the Studios park since its inception, the new land will be more of an immersive experience. "We want people to feel like they are in the movie," the Imagineer says (as opposed to learning how they make movies such as Toy Story).

    The new Star Wars land slated to open in 2019 at Disney Hollywood Studios will also abandon the park's original design principles and will be a purely immersive, fantasy land. The two projects likely signal a new direction for the evolving park (which is rumored to be getting a new name).

    Expect a rich and vibrant experience. Mangum says Cars Land, the highly popular Pixar-themed area at Disney California Adventure, is serving as a template for the Studios land. "That's exactly the level of immersion we're going to bring to Florida." With its magnificent Ornament Valley mountain range and astounding level of detail, the wonderful Cars Land is very immersive.

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    So What Is on the Way?

    Toy Story Mania ride at Walt Disney World.
    Disney. Used with permission.

    There will be three attractions featured in Toy Story Land:

    • Slinky Dog Dash - The family coaster will likely offer moderate thrills comparable to the Magic Kingdom's Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It will include trains in the shape of the titular character. As the train makes its way along the track, it will appear that the spring-like Slinky will be expanding and contracting. Mangum says that the ride will be themed as if Andy built the track from a coaster assembly kit. Passengers will fly past Rex, Hamm, and other toys that have appeared in the films.
    • Alien Swirling Saucers  - The Dumbo-style flat ride will featue the multi-eyed, green aliens from the movies. It will include an ominous, giant (remember, visitors will have been shrunk to toy size) coin-op-style claw.
    • Toy Story Mania - Disney already added a third track to address the chronically long wait times for the wildly popular, interactive ride.

    In addition to the rides, Toy Story Land will offer the food stand, Woody’s Lunch Box. The backstory is that Andy has used his lunch box and thermos to create the eatery. Expect a store that will sell Toy Story-themed tchotchkes as well.