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sculpture at the las vegas strip

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“Meet me at Bliss Dance” I spoke the words as if the giant sculpture at the end of the park and the front of T-Mobile Arena had been there forever. My son, 15 and about to attend his first rock show glanced over at me and said, “The dancing girl?”

Just like that, the term dancing girl came out of my child’s mouth. Las Vegas that has its own definition of a dancing girl and that definition has changed. Along with the definition of a Park Las Vegas is once again redefining the norm.

If there was a nail in the coffin of old Vegas, it is set right here at The Park Las Vegas. The outdoor, pedestrian-friendly entertainment district, with eco-friendly trees and wide open spaces is the new exclamation point on the idea that it is good to go out in Las Vegas. The resorts are transforming and these days the action is coming to you.​

The corridor to the new T-Mobile arena is lined with outdoor patios and a succession of picnic tables and park benches. Large trees dot the space with shade and pockets of solitude exist just a few feet from the Las Vegas strip. The park is located between New York - New York Hotel and Casino and Monte Carlo Resort.

This is not the Las Vegas of smoke-filled casinos and free drinks at the slot machines. This is the Las Vegas of social gatherings and outdoor mingling while embracing the desert landscape.

Oh, and that dancing girl? She is way more about empowerment than entertainment.

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Water Wall at the Park Las Vegas

Water Wall at the Park Las Vegas
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The designers of the Park utilized Eco-friendly features when working with the sites water use. There is an on-site well as well as systems in place to control irrigation and controls for wind speeds to cut down on water waste. 

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Shade Structures at The Park Las Vegas

Shade Structures at The Park Las Vegas
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These shade structures collect heat from below and distribute it upwards and away from visitors. Overall the park was designed to be a bit cooler than its surroundings on the Las Vegas strip. Light colored sandstone reflects the heat away while fully grown trees boast large shadows. Surrounded by water structures and dessert fauna the park feels like an oasis. While it still may be hot in the middle of the summer you can always grab a drink at a nearby bar and find a spot under one of the giant misters that line the pedestrian walkway.

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Head to the Park and Play Some Games

game in a park in Las Vegas
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Grab a beer and challenge someone to a game of connect four. That is the mood at Beerhaus at The Park Las Vegas. This casual beer hall is promoting a little friendly competition and you know that beer goes very well with that. You can also choose to get a complete round of games together between your drinking buddies with foosball, shuffleboard and ping pong inside the restaurant. Head outside and challenge each other to corn hole and utilize your skills so you can be drinking for free all night.

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Find Some Shade and Some Space at the Park Las Vegas

foliage at the park, las vegas
Park, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long been about the pedestrians that populate the sidewalks in front of the casinos. When Steve Wynn built a volcano in front of the Mirage Hotel and Casino he asked people to stop and appreciate the sights. Since then visitors have been pausing just long enough to see the show that has been going on outside of the casino. At the Park Las Vegas the experience is enhanced a bit more.  The space invites visitors to sit, gather, socialize and play.  While cocktails and food are readily available the Park is about more than your typical Las Vegas experience. You can find a spot under a large tree or gaze up at one of the 50 foot tall shade structures designed to cast a shadow while pulling heat from the ground beneath you. Picnic tables are in abundance and small spots for a quick pause in your vacation are just about everywhere.

It may sound odd but you will be looking forward to hang out at a park on the Las Vegas strip.

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Bliss Dance at the Park Las Vegas

Bliss Dance at Night at T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

She’s dancing right out front of T-Mobile Arena and you should could not be any more elegant. She could not be any sexier. She could not be more liberating. Bliss Dance is a snapshot of free will and a lack of inhibition. As much as it would seem that a sculpture that rose at Burning Man would not fit in Las Vegas it turns out she really is what Las Vegas is about.

Artist Marco Cochrane on her sculpture, , "What I see missing in the world is an appreciation and respect for feminine energy and power that results when women are free and safe. It seems obvious to me that feminine energy is being suppressed and that this must change.  If we are to find real, lasting solutions to the problems facing humanity, men and women must be able to work together as equals. Bliss Dance is intended to focus attention on this issue."

The sculpture rises above the Park and is lit by over 3,000 LED lights. The mesh steel seems to wrap the sculpture in motion and if you look long enough it is as if she is dancing to her own song.

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T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas

T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

The T-Mobile Arena is the new epicenter for major entertainment on the Las Vegas strip. Outdoor stages in the Toshiba plaza as well as seating as many as 20,000 for certain events are just the tip of the iceberg. Ice Hockey will soon call this arena home and headliners are already booked to take the stage. Luxury suites surround the arena and Hyde Lounge sit atop the seating area for a full-blown VIP experience while watching your favorite event.

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The Bar at BeerHaus

the bar at beerhaus las vegas
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If you head inside at Beerhaus you'll be treated to a long bar surrounded by tables of beer-loving friends playing connect four and snacking on sausages and sandwiches. Ping pong table, foosball, and shuffleboard also make you want to stick around a little longer. This is a good spot for a beer before or after a sow at T-mobile Arena.

This beer spot steps from the Las Vegas strip is home to local brews and bar food. Sausages and sandwiches along with porchetta and brisket make this a spot to live the protein only diet while staying hydrated with the proper beers. It’s not just about craft brews at BeerHaus as some of your favorite familiar beers will be poured right alongside craft brews from small-batch breweries around the country.

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Chicken and Waffles at Bruxie

Bruxie Chicken and Waffles Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada

Fried chicken. Waffle. Put them together and you have a good meal at Bruxie Las Vegas. Wrap a waffle around some fried chicken and now you have an excellent sandwich. You’ll find that they are getting creative with their waffles with hot pastrami and Swiss nestled in a waffle taco as well as some lemon cream and berries positioned between the crunchy alternative to bread. This could be your pre-show snack but a better alternative is to grab a beer and find a chair in the shade somewhere in The Park and savor every last bite of that waffle.

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Sake Rok at The Park Las Vegas

Sake Rok Las Vegas at Park Vegas
Zeke Quezada

It’s loud. It’s energetic. It’s fast moving. It’s adventurous. Sake Rok inside The Park Las Vegas is a sushi bar that has a karaoke machine on overdrive. The servers are dancing, the sake is flowing and you are sure to start dancing within moments of entering the restaurant  If you are not in the mood for a meal head upstairs to the mezzanine where you can enjoy a drink while you watch the action down below. The bar is lively and feels like part club, part lounge, and part performance stage. Be ready to interact with everyone at Sake Rok.

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California Pizza Kitchen at The Park Las Vegas

California Pizza Kitchen at The Park Las Vegas
The Park Las Vegas

This is not the California Pizza Kitchen you are familiar with. One look at the bar and you will have to take a second look up at the sign because things have changed. The menu at the CPK inside the Park Las Vegas is setting the trend for the chain of restaurants around the world. You’ll find a burger here not found elsewhere as well as a few other items that are changing the face of this popular restaurant.  The patio will soon be the spot to have a drink before and after events at the T-Mobile Arena

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Poutine at Bruxie at Park Las Vegas

Poutine in las vegas
Bruxie, Las Vegas

Yes, you do need cheese curds and chicken. Why even ask. Bruxie has beer as well so you might as well find a spot near the window and munch on a waffle while you are at it.

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Sake Rok at The Park Las Vegas

Sake Rok at The Park Las Vegas
Sake Rok

One of four places to grab a drink at The Park Las Vegas. This bar outside of Sake Rok gives you a glimpse into the action inside the restaurant while keeping an eye on the crowd in The Park.

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Bliss Dance at The Park Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada

You really cannot get a bad picture with this sculpture so go ahead and stand right beside the dancing girl and snap away. If you start dancing, don't be ashamed, just go for it.

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