Photo Tour of the Oceanfront at Long Beach, NY

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    Tour of the Oceanfront at Long Beach

    Crowds of people on the beach playing volleyball.
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    Long Beach, NY offers 3.5 miles of powder-fine sand and a boardwalk that stretches over two miles. Learn more about this sprawling beach on the Atlantic Ocean by taking this photo tour and reading about this oceanfront wonder.

    Founded in 1880s, Long Beach started out as a resort community where vacationers flocked to sit on the soft sand and take the sun. Long Beach, situated along the South Shore of Long Island, is generally 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter than its surrounding areas, making it an ideal place to live or visit throughout the year, but especially during the summer months.

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    Strolling in the Sand at Long Beach

    Mixed race woman jumping for joy on beach
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    Stroll in the sand at Long Beach. Listen to the sound of the waves as they crash on the shore. Take a dip in the water or bring your surfboard. Take along a picnic lunch or go into town and eat at one of the many restaurants.

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    Seagulls on the Sands on Long Beach

    A Sky Full of Terns at Nickerson Beach, Long Island, NY
    ••• Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography / Getty Images

    Listen to the soft sounds of seagulls as they soar above you. But be careful not to offer them food. You'll find that they have no problem getting up-close-and-personal with visitors to Long Beach.

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    Time for an Ice Cream Break

    Ice cream on the boardwalk in Long Beach.
    ••• Ice cream on the boardwalk in Long Beach. Linda Tagliaferro

    After strolling along Long Beach's boardwalk or swimming in the ocean. stop for a refreshing ice cream break. Savor the cool treat as you relax in the sun.

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    Bicycling down Long Beach's boardwalk

    Family riding bikes on the boardwalk at the beach.
    ••• Fran Polito / Getty Images

    There's a special lane just for bicycles on the boardwalk at Long Beach. Take a leisurely, short ride, or pedal down the more than two miles that make up the boardwalk.

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    The Annual Arts & Crafts Fair on the Long Beach Boardwalk

    The Annual Arts & Crafts Fair on the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY.
    ••• The Annual Arts & Crafts Fair on the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY. Linda Tagliaferro

    Every summer, Long Beach holds its Annual Arts & Crafts Fair along the boardwalk. Usually, about 200 vendors sell everything from jewelry to clothing to tasty foods and drinks. 

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    Rent a Chair and Umbrella

    Rent a chair or umbrella and relax on Long Beach's sands.
    ••• Rent a chair or umbrella and relax on Long Beach's sands. Linda Tagliaferro

    You don't need to bring your own chairs and umbrellas on the sands of Long Beach. You can rent a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy the sun. Or rent a wide umbrella to cover you if you're sensitive to the sun and heat.

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    See You in Long Beach, NY

    American Flags
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    You can reach Long Beach by car or even come straight from work in the city via the Long Island Rail Road. For more information on beach passes, season passes, surfing hours and more, please go to the City of Long Beach website.