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Toulouse attractions feature everything from impressive architecture and a World War II museum to Roman ruins and an aerospace museum. Toulouse has some of the most interesting and diverse attractions of any city in France. Here is a list of the top Toulouse attractions.

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Toulouse Capitole

France, Midi-Pyrénées, Haute Garonne (31), Toulouse, le Capitole, city hall
Nicolas Thibaut/Photononstop/Getty Images
Capitole de Toulouse, Toulouse, France

The Capitole is the heart of activity of this busy city. Markets filled with a diverse mix of items are held in the square next to it. Its rich orange façade, defined by elegant columns, are a sight. The area around the building is a constant stream of humanity. Across from the square, cafés and hotels point towards it. Tour the inside for a view of luxurious designs and beautiful artwork.

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Roman Amphitheatre of Toulouse - Purpan

Roman Ampitheatre of Toulouse
Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons
Rue de Purpan, 31300 Toulouse, France
Phone +33 5 61 22 31 44

The Roman amphitheatre dates back to the first century, and gladiators competed there until the 4th century.

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Cathédrale Saint-Etienne in Toulouse

Cathédrale Saint-Etienne
Patrick Nouhailler / CC / flickr
Place Saint-Étienne, 31000 Toulouse, France
Phone +33 5 61 52 03 82

La Cathédrale Saint-Etienne resembles a mismatched puzzle. It was built over an extended period spanning the 12th to the 16th centuries, and it shows. It is worth a visit to this disjointed attraction for novelty’s sake alone. Inside, the art and stained glass windows are attractive.

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Les Abattoirs Modern Art Museum in Toulouse

76 Allées Charles de Fitte, 31300 Toulouse, France
Phone +33 5 34 51 10 60

Toulouse’s modern art museum, Les Abattoirs, has become the expansive home to the several modern and even unorthodox art styles. Artists exhibited include Mepplethorpe, Arman, Dado and Chaissac. Its most treasured work is Pable Picasso’s “Theater Curtain,” which dominates a vast wall.

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Musée des Augustins in Toulouse

Musée des Augustins
Pistolero31 / CC / flickr
21 Rue de Metz, 31000 Toulouse, France
Phone +33 5 61 22 21 82

Musée des Augustins is an art museum or something, but that’s not the reason to go. Go to see the Augustinian monastery building and its spiderweb of columns and arches. Oh, and the museum has lots of sculptures and paintings. If it were inside a warehouse, the rich sculpture collection would be worth a visit. As it is, this museum provides a double reward as an example of gothic architecture and a fine art museum.

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La Cité de l'Espace

La Cité de l'Espace
Luiyo / CC / flickr
Avenue Jean Gonord, 31500 Toulouse, France
Phone +33 5 67 22 23 24

La Cité de l'Espace (located on avenue Jean Gonord, Toulouse, accessible by taking the metro to the Jolimont stop, or Marengo on Sundays and holidays, and then bus 37, or visit is a true gem in the region. An ode to Toulouse’s aerospace industry, the museum features a planetarium, hands-on exhibits on space exploration and mock control rooms. This is hugely popular with guys and teenagers alike.

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Musée Départemental de la Résistance et de la Déportation Jean-Philippe

52 Allée des Demoiselles, 31400 Toulouse, France
Phone +33 5 61 14 80 40

Musée Départemental de la Résistance et de la Déportation Jean-Philippe opened in 1994 in honor of the anniversary of the Toulouse area’s liberation from Nazis. It is a must for World War II history buffs, providing a unique perspective on the conflict.

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