Review of the Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club, Dominican Republic

Tortuga Bay Hotel, Punta Cana
Tortuga Bay Hotel

If you were to judge a resort by their turn-down service, you can bet that the Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club  in the Dominican Republic would be at the top of your list. Warm water in an oversized bath with candles lit everywhere in the spacious bathroom. That is relaxation, and it's only a preview of what you will come to expect from a resort that takes service to another level and delivers a luxurious experience.

Rooms at Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

The simple, casual, yet elegant rooms are precisely what a luxury Caribbean vacation warrant. The views, however, are why you choose Tortuga Bay, which is an enclave within the larger Puntacana Resort & Club. Three French doors frame the scenery, and you catch a glimpse of the Caribbean that is just beyond the swaying palms outside your deck.

The furnishings are straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog and the decor is bright and airy. The room is so spacious that the comfort level goes way up as you lounge on the ultrasoft daybed watching the 37-inch HD flat-panel on the wall.

The room is just over 1,000 square feet, the closets are ample, and the bathroom is bigger than plenty of hotels rooms you might have stayed in. You get the softest linens, the plush towels, the bath products from L’Occitane. The bed will cradle your body and the duvet massages your skin as you doze off after a day at the beach.

A desk has room for your laptop and you get an internet connection that is fast and reliable. Also in the room is a DVD/CD player and a safe to go along with a microwave, coffee maker and ice maker.

Dining at Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

Dining at Tortuga Bay offers many choices. If you are expecting genuine Dominican food you might be a bit disappointed, but you can be sure to satisfy almost any craving. It should be note that many of the resort's restaurants require a more refined selection of clothing for dinner -- no shorts and flip flops at the evening meal, as casual elegance is the preferred look.

Restaurants include:

  • Cocoloba: Dishes include plenty of ingredients common in the Dominican Republic, if not exactly Dominican cuisine.
  • La Yola: The view of the ocean is fabulous, however, if the wind picks up the dining area is closed off and you feel as if you are in a hut having a meal with 40 of your closest friends. The menu consists of seafood and Mediterranean dishes. A very romantic setting if you are looking to have a special meal.
  • Bamboo: Small, quaint eatery is located right next to the pool at Tortuga Bay. The breakfast selections are perfect for the on the go meal or a healthy alternative to the big buffet.
  • Playa Blanca: The resort's grill and bar will tempt you to have a second drink.
  • El Grill: The place you’ll be stopping by after a round of golf to have a stiff drink and a steak. The views of the ocean are enough to keep you around quite awhile.
  • La Cana: The resort's answer to eating with kids; large buffets served up in a large dining hall with the informal feel that you yearn for while on vacation.

Recreation at Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

The Puntacana Resort's La Cana Golf Course offers views along the 17th and 18th holes that are enough to keep you coming back for more, Corales Golf Course is also on the property but it might be a bit harder to get on, as the owners are considering making it a members-only course.

The beach is picturesque, and the rolling sets of tiny waves will offer you a respite from the Caribbean sun. The water is warm, but the powdery sand mixes up a bit too much for snorkeling. If you are into SCUBA diving the resort can set up a dive trip to one of many dive sites in the area.

If you enjoy working on your tennis game, Puntacana offers six clay courts where you can get the cool look of Roland Garros on your socks.

Have you ever ridden a horse on a beach at sunset? The resort's equestrian center has very patient horses to help ease you into the experience.

Pools at Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

At Tortuga Bay the pool is small but adequate for the limited number of people it accommodates. The Puntacana Resort pool is larger and is a fine alternative to the palm-dotted beach if you're not into sand and surf.

Service at Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

As you arrive to Tortuga Bay you will instantly realize what service is. You get the full VIP treatment, with a vehicle waiting to take you to your villa. The check–in experience is handled in your villa by your personal concierge. You are handed the keys to your golf cart and your Caribbean luxury experience begins.

A cell phone is in your room just in case you have a request from your concierge. Everything about your interaction with the personnel at Tortuga is first-rate. You talk, they listen, and they make it happen. If you are looking to be pampered, Tortuga Bay does it very well.

Intangibles at Tortuga Bay Puntacana Resort & Club

The one thing you find at Tortuga Bay Resort is an honest attempt to make sure you are enjoying yourself. English is widely spoken, and staff make a point to understand what you are talking about, from the servers at the restaurants to the people in the main lobby. The idea that you can explore the vast stretch of beaches with your golf cart is a plus. Drive along the beach, find a stretch a sand and a palm tree, and waste away your day with only the wind and the waves.

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