When is Toronto's Next Municipal Election?

Information and dates for Toronto's next municipal election

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Question: When is Toronto's Next Municipal Election?

The people of Toronto are often passionate about municipal politics with discussions, debates and media coverage of Toronto elections beginning many months in advance of the actual polling day. In Toronto's municipal election you are voting for Mayor, Councillor and School Board Trustee. Having your say and casting your vote are important aspects of living in the city, and you can read on for more information about the next election.

So just when is Toronto's next Municipal Election? It's coming up soon and below is an outline of what you need to know.


Toronto's last municipal election took place on Monday October 27th, 2014. Municipal Elections are held every four years in Toronto and the date for the next election is Monday, October 22, 2018. Those eligible to vote can do so between the hours of 10am and 8pm in the ward where they live. Should you not be able to vote on the designated say, advance voting takes place from Wednesday October 10 to Sunday October 14 from 10am to 7pm at City Hall or one of two locations in your ward. If you're unsure of where to vote, you can use the MyVote tool to find out by inputting your home address.

You can also get a better sense of each ward by taking a look at the 2018 Ward Maps.

If you want to brush up on who the key players are, a list of certified candidates can be found here.

Who Can Vote?

If you're wondering about who can vote, you can vote in Toronto’s municipal election if you are a Canadian citizen; and at least 18 years old, a resident in the City of Toronto (or a non-resident of the City of Toronto, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the City), and not prohibited from voting under any law. Note that you can only vote once in the City of Toronto municipal election. When you do vote you'll need to bring your voter information card (VIC) as well as one piece of identification showing your name and qualifying Toronto address.

You can check this list to find out what type of identification is accepted when you go to vote. Having both your VIC and a piece of acceptable identification will help speed up the voting process.

Once you get to your voting location, you'll be asked to show your VIC and identification before proceeding to a voting booth. When a booth is free, you'll be given the go-ahead to begin voting.

What's New About This Election?

There is a significant key difference between the 2018 municipal elections and previous elections. What would normally happen, would be voting for city councillor candidates in 47 wards. However, this will be a 25-ward election after an appeal court did not overturn Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s plan to cut down the number of councillors from 47 to 25. That's a significant difference and one that could have a major impact on how the vote goes.

Key issues on the table for this election include public transit, affordable housing, road safety and urban planning.

Further information about the elections, voting and candidates can be found at www.toronto.ca/elections.

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