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Getting around in Toronto by taxi

Beck Taxi

Courtesy of Beck Taxi 

Toronto is home to an efficient public transit system featuring buses, subways and streetcars, and it can also be an easy city to explore on foot (depending on where you are). But sometimes you just need to get where you're going faster, on your time, not worrying about delays or missed connections. That's when taxis come in and there are many cab companies to choose from in Toronto.

Need a taxi in Toronto? Here are some recommended cab companies, plus the phone numbers and links to apps of many others in the city.

Reminder About Special Circumstances

When it comes to taking taxis, if you would like to pay by debit, are transporting an animal, need an accessible vehicle, or have any other special needs, you should tell the dispatcher as soon as you phone. While most of these companies can accommodate these situations, it may affect which driver can pick you up so it's always best to give advance notice. For example, if you want to transport a pet but don't give advance notice, the taxi driver may not pick you up.

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Beck Taxi

Beck Taxi

Courtesy of Beck Taxi

Beck Taxi has been a part of Toronto since 1967, when if was founded by Jim Beck The green and orange cab colours are instantly recognizable and easy to spot in traffic. It's still a family-run business. with Jim’s daughter, Gail Beck-Souter involved in the business. Beck Taxi has a fleet of 2000 cabs and they dispatch over 8 million rides per year, not including street hails. Beck gets approximately 30,000 calls for taxis each day. Between drivers, dispatchers, and call-takers, they speak 90 different languages among their staff, reflecting Toronto's multicultural diversity.


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Royal Taxi

Royal Taxi has been providing transportation services to individuals and corporations in their dark blue cabs for more than 50 years. They proudly note that their company serves clients with special needs and makes sure that their car drivers all operate in accordance with AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). Note that Royal has been added to Co-op Cabs (Crown Taxi) so when you call the dispatch centre, you'll get whatever taxi is closest, be it a Co-op, Royal or Crown car.


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City Taxi

City Taxi

Courtesy of City Taxi 

City Taxi has been operating in Toronto for more than 30 years. They shuttle people to and from airports and medical visits and also handle small moving jobs and rush parcel service.


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Co-op Cabs

Co-op Cabs, with their red and yellow cars, has been operating in Toronto for over 60 years. It's a unique company in that the drivers are also the owners and shareholders. Every shareholder that owns and operates a Co-op Cab has a vote and shares in the profits of the company and helps to decide its direction. Co-op Cabs provides 45,000 trips each month to riders with special needs.

Crown taxi and Royal Taxi are both now part of Co-op Cabs.


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Diamond Taxicab

Diamond Taxicab is another easily recognizable taxi in the city and has provided cab service in Toronto since 1949. Today they have an app for easier booking and operate 24 hours a day. However, they do not have vans or taxis that are wheelchair accessible.


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Maple Leaf Taxi

Maple Leaf Taxi drivers are required to successfully complete a formal training program consisting of classes in defensive driving, road safety, route planning and customer service. They have been operating in Toronto since 1976.


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While not a traditional cab company, Uber is a ride sharing service that serves Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham. Many people prefer Uber for its ease of use versus taking taxis, but others prefer to stick with cabs. Flat rates apply to trips between specified locations with no tipping required. Pickups from Pearson International Airport incur a $15 surcharge.

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