Toronto in November Weather and Event Guide

Ice skating Toronto
••• Skating in Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square. Franz Marc Frei / LOOK-foto / Getty Images

Travel Bargains & Fewer Crowds - Visit Toronto in November

If you're not too precious to travel only in the summer months (July and August are the warmest but also the busiest times to visit Toronto), you have a whole lot open to you in the way of travel deals. November - just after Canadian Thanksgiving and fall foliage and before Christmas - can be a quiet and more affordable time to visit Canada's biggest city.

At the beginning of the month, you may catch the tail end of fall foliage season, which is particularly colourful in Toronto and the surrounding region. Weather should still be comfortable for long hikes, walks on the beach and other outdoor activities.

Towards the end of November, you can enjoy seeing the city bathed in Christmas lights, line up with a few thousand people to watch the Santa Claus Parade, skate on the outdoor rink at City Hall or catch some other special holiday programming. 

Temperatures can be cold in Toronto in November, but not necessarily unpleasant, especially if you're prepared. You really never know though. In 2017, temperatures stayed warm through the month rarely getting below freezing. It's all part of the adventure of Toronto in November. 


  • Average November temperature: 7ºC / 45ºF
  • November average high: 11ºC / 52ºF
  • November average low: 1ºC / 30ºF
  • Visitors can expect rain about 10 out of 30 days in November.

What to Pack

Visitors to Toronto in November should be prepared for a variety of temperatures. Pack clothing that can be layered. Especially if you are going towards the end of the month, check the weather forecast. You may want to bring footwear suitable for the snow. 

See more about dressing for cold weather.

  • Long sleeve shirts; sweaters / sweatshirts; jacket; long pants; closed-toe, comfortable shoes, boots.
  • Umbrella

Toronto in November Perks

  • Fewer tourists means travel and hotel deals. Try Travel Zoo Canada for Canada travel deals.
  • The Toronto Santa Claus parade is one of North America's biggest parades.
  • Downtown Toronto has the underground PATH system of walkways that comprise stores, restaurants and services that link major hotels, subways stations and attractions. 

What's Not So Great About Toronto in November?

  • Unpredictable weather

Good to Know about Toronto in November

  • Remembrance Day - November 11 - though not a general holiday is a bank holiday in Toronto and the rest of Ontario. Banks and government offices will be closed. Call ahead to double check the hours for any restaurants or stores you plan to visit


Where To Stay

Toronto has a wide range of hotels, from contemporary luxury to traditional to budget and more. November is a low season for the hotels, so a last minute vacation should be no problem.

Also consider one of the many vacation rentals in the city or just outside. Check out Home Away for a listing of condos and houses available for rent. 

Look at TripAdvisor for reviews and rates on all Toronto hotels. 

Toronto in November - Event and Festival Highlights

Toronto in November - Shopping Highlights

  • One of a Kind Show: Innovative artists, craftspeople, and designers come together to share their unique creations.

Toronto in November Food & Drink Highlights