Toronto in June Weather and Event Guide

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June is the start of Toronto's high travel season. Reservations are recommended for hotels, theatres, tours and restaurants - in some cases - at least a couple of week's in advance. 

A lot of the city's most vibrant and interesting festivals take place this month, so the streets will be alive and dull moments in short supply. 

Outdoor patios, open roofed tour busses, bike rentals, lake swimming, and Toronto's best outdoor attractions, like Canada's Wonderland, can all be enjoyed as June's warm weather fully takes hold.


Of course, with all this fun and warm weather come crowds higher travel rates. Book early and scour the web for a bargain. They are there. Try Travel Zoo Canada or the Toronto Tourism website


  • Average June temperature: 17ºC / 63ºF
  • June high: 24ºC / 75ºF
  • June low: 11ºC / 52ºF
  • Visitors can expect rain about 6 days out of 30 in June.

What to Pack

  • Shorts; t-shirts; long sleeve shirts, light, long pants; sandals; closed-toe shoes, light jacket, fleece or shawl for cool evenings.

  • Umbrella

  • Bug spray if you're heading out of the city.

  • Sunhat, sunscreen

Toronto in June Perks

  • Warmer weather means visitors can enjoy more of Toronto's great outdoor offerings, such as sitting on patios or going on a walking tour of the city.
  • Some of Toronto's big summer festivals get under way, such as Pride Toronto and Luminato.

What's Not So Great about Toronto in June?

  • Travel rates have begun to go up. 
  • Pride Week tends to mean hotels are fuller than usual.

Where To Stay

  • A great way to save some money in summer is to stay in one of the unoccupied student residences. You can often get a dorm style room in a central location for under $100. 
  • Toronto has a wide range of hotels from luxurious to budget and everything in between. Most major chain hotels are represented in Toronto. 

Good to Know about Toronto in June

  • Pride Toronto is a nine-day celebration in June. Toronto hosts one of the world's biggest gay pride celebrations in the world; expect crowds.
  • Hotel and other travel prices go up as summer settles in.
  • Toronto is on the water (Lake Ontario) and June is probably the year's first opportunity to take a dip without freezing. Check out Toronto's best beaches.
  • Canada's Wonderland, the country's biggest amusement park - located about 25 minutes outside of the downtown core - is open for business, but not so busy because school has not yet been let out for summer vacation. 

Toronto in June Highlights and Events

  • Pride Toronto: Nine days of cultural events that celebrate, empower and support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.
  • Luminato, introduced in 2007, is a unique week-long cultural festival that celebrates music, film, art, literature and creativity.
  • Canadian Film Centre's Worldwide Short Film Festival: The best Canadian and International short films as well as special screenings, retrospectives and galas.
  • Toronto Taste offers and evening of fine food and drink at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.