The Best Toronto Gay Bathhouses and Sex Clubs

Church Street sign, Toronto, Canada
Bradley Woods/Wikimedia Commons via Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Given that Toronto has the largest gay scene of any city in Canada and that bathhouse culture enjoys nearly the same mainstream acceptance and popularity here as it does in western Europe, it's hardly surprising that Toronto has a rather robust selection of gay spas and sex clubs.

Before you go, though, there are a few things you show know about each club and social etiquette. It's important to follow safe sex rules, individual club and bathhouse regulations, and get consent from any potential partner when you visit any sex-positive environment, especially in the city.

Steamworks Toronto

Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, Steamworks Toronto (540 Church Street) is part of a renowned international bathhouse brand with other locations in Berkeley (just outside San Francisco), Seattle, Vancouver, and Chicago. This centrally-located gay bathhouse is a must among fans of gay saunas.

As far as the scene goes, Steamworks can get downright packed and quite steamy on weekends, especially after the bars and clubs along Church Street close. With extensive, well-kept facilities including a gym, all sorts of interesting private room options, douche stations, glory holes, and other public areas, a eucalyptus steam room, and live DJs on weekends, Steamworks is an undisputed favorite in the city.

Spa Excess

While in the vicinity, you can visit the biggest of Toronto's gay bathhouses, Spa Excess (105 Carlton Street), which provides stiff competition to Steamworks. Also open around the clock, this rambling, dark, and sexy club has attractively tiled showers and wet areas, clean facilities, and a diverse mix of guys of all ages, ethnicities, and styles.

Modeled after fancier European spas, some say the vibe here is a bit less stand-and-model than at Steamworks, but results really vary at these venues from night to night. Still, the crowd at Spa Excess is usually more relaxed and welcoming; plus, there's a fully licensed bar, which means you'll be able to drink while you play or offer a cute guy a drink to flirt with him.

Club 120

Also known as "The Polyamorous Playground," Club 120 (120 Church Street) is right down the road from Steamworks in the former home of Goodhandy's. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, especially toward genderbending people and trans women, Club 120 isn't always a sex club. Instead, you'll have to check the calendar of events to find a sex party hosted here, which happens once or twice a month throughout the year.

Other Gay-Friendly Destinations

If you're not looking for a hookup on your trip to Toronto and instead want to find a place to meet like-minded members of the LGBTQ community, the majority of the city's gay hangouts can be found in the iconic Church Street Gay Village area. While most nightclubs in the city are gay-friendly, there are also plenty of LGBT-oriented bars, clubs, and venues throughout Toronto.

The best place to go for all the action is the Gay Village portion of Church Street. Here, you'll find Crews & Tangos (508 Church Street), which are a set of adjoining bars that cater to the neighborhood's gay crowd, and Woody's (465 Church Street) and it's "brother" bar Sailor, which are also staples of the Gay Village.

Outside of the Gay Village, you can also visit the Wayla Bar & Lounge in eastern Toronto or El Convento Rico, an inclusive Latin club near Koreatown that often has drag shows.

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