Art and Design Summer Camps for Kids and Teens in Toronto

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Arts and crafts are a traditional part of day camp and sleep-away camp activities, but some kids and teens will want to take their artistic endeavors a little further during the summer. There are specialized art camps and design camps in Toronto which explore everything from clay and sculpture, to fashion and photography.

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    ••• AGO arts camp for kids. Image courtesy Art Gallery of Ontario
    Every year the Art Gallery of Ontario runs a variety of themed day camps which offer access to the galleries, recreational activities and a big emphasis on all kinds of ways to be creative. Ages 6-16.
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    One-week sessions explore a theme through "fired arts" (ceramic, glass fusing, pottery) plus canvas, acrylics, inks and more. Half-day session are also available. Ages 7 and up.
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    ••• Art Works Art School camp. Image courtesy Art Works Art Scholl

    Kids and teens use the visual arts - drawing, painting, sculpture, movie-making and more - to explore a different theme in each camp. Organized by half-day sessions which can be booked individually or combined into a full-day program. Ages 4-15

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    The summer camps and classes at Avenue Road Arts School focus on visual arts, with some theatre programming also available. There is a summer camp for primary-aged kids, plus a camp program for ages 2 to 5 where one parent or caregiver also attends. For older kids and teens, half-day art classes are available on summer weekdays. Ages 2 and up.
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    ••• Fine arts camp. Image courtesy Centauri Arts
    For kids or teens who are interested in a sleep-away experience, the Centauri Summer Arts Camp is located in the Niagara Region, and offers a bus to and from Toronto. Many specialized arts programs are offered each session, including fine arts and photography. Ages 8-18
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    Children's Art Studio offers a half-day art and yoga summer camp at Artscape's Wynchwood Barns. The day begins with yoga and yoga games, following by a bout in the splash pad, and the rest of the morning is devoted to art lessons. Ages 4-12.

    For older kids there's a art and fabric camp, or an art-only camp, both for kids 8-10.

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    ••• Painted mugs. Image courtesy The Clay Room

    The Clay Room offers fun, creative week-long, half-day sessions that use a variety of mediums - from ceramic painting to beading - to explore a theme. Ages 7-11.

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    The Design Exchange offers one-week sessions exploring fashion, toy design, and more. Ages 6-14.

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    ••• Creative arts camp at Harbourfront Centre. Image courtesy Harbourfront Centre

    Harbourfront Centre's many annual summer camps cover all kinds of subjects, including many art programs. Fashion, fine arts, and photography are usually on offer, along with other visual arts programs. Ages 3-17.
    • Harbourfront also offers free summer weekend festivals!

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    With a focus on drawing and painting, campers here create drawings, paintings, cards and more using a variety of mediums. Half-day and full-day programs available by the week or as single days. Ages 5-14.

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    Every year the Royal Ontario Museum offers a wide variety of full-day and half-day programs (half-days can also be combined to create a full day of camp). Some of the options focus on visual arts and media. Ages 5-14 (14-16 for Leadership program).

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    ••• Camp sewing project. Image courtesy Lollipop Art Lounge

    Lollipop Art Lounge in Oakville offers an art and sewing-focused summer camp for kids 4-8, as well as a sewing-specific camps for kids 8 and up to develop new skills and hone existing ones.

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    One week sessions focus on designing and creating your own garment. Older campers also learn more about design and fashion illustration. Ages 8-16.
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    Toronto Historic Museums - Day Camps

    While most of the summer programming at the city-run museums are (not surprisingly) focused on history there are usually some visual arts tie-ins and stand-alone programs as well. Ages 5-14.
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    More Artistic Options for Summer

    Creative kids and teens can visit a museum for inspiration, find a subject in a park or at the Toronto Zoo, and of course explore the other Toronto summer camp options.