Weather and Event Guide for Toronto in April

Toronto skyline
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You won't hear us calling out a bad time of year to visit Toronto, because, no matter the season, there is always something going on and a way to make the most of any type of weather. We are unabashed fans of the city and recommend going whenever you can.

April though, in particular, has a lot going for it, including the fact that the temperatures will most likely be above zero. The Toronto crowd will have a palpable spring in their step as the warmer weather starts to settle in once again. We thought it would never happen and we talked about it endlessly—to friends, foe and strangers. 

So, in addition to boasting more civilized temps, April is also generally a down time for travel, which means savings for you the traveler. Discounted flights, hotels and travel packages are abundant, so do your research and grab a deal. The beginning of spring is good timing to get in the last of winter sport, like spring skiing, but also hit a patio or go for a hike without suffocating in a parka.

Toronto in April Weather

Weather in Toronto in April is unpredictable. Snow is not unheard of, but temperatures can get into the 30s°C (85+°F)

  • Average maximum daytime temp: 10ºC / 50ºF
  • Average minimum daytime temp: 1ºC / 34ºF

Toronto has a short, mild spring. Visitors can expect at least some rain about 11 days out of 30 in April.

What to Wear

The best advice is to bring clothes for four seasons—it may snow, rain, be sunny or anywhere in between. Dress in layers and be sure to bring water-resistant outerwear, although a heavy parka or boots are not necessary, and even if they are, layering up will be easier for packing.

April Perks

April Cons

  • Rain
  • Snow melting and spring showers can mean wet, muddy conditions.

Good to Know about Toronto in April

  • Easter in Canada occurs sometime in March / April (the dates change year to year). Check ahead for holiday closures.
  • Toronto holds the Toronto Beaches Lions Annual Easter Parade.

Seasonal Activities in Toronto in April

Toronto in April Highlights