April in Toronto: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Toronto, Canada

Safwat Ghabbour / Getty Images

You won't hear city locals calling out a bad time of year to visit Toronto because no matter the season, there is always something going on and a way to make the most of any type of weather. April in particular has a lot going for it, especially the fact that the temperatures are finally rising to comfortable levels. The Toronto crowd will have a palpable spring in its step as the warmer weather starts to settle in once again following a long winter.

So, in addition to boasting more civilized temperatures, April is also generally a downtime for travel, which means savings for travelers looking to explore the city. Discounted flights, hotels, and travel packages are abundant, so do your research and grab a deal if you can. The beginning of spring is good timing to get in the last of winter sports, like spring skiing, but also hit a patio or go for a hike without suffocating in a parka—depending on the temperatures.

Toronto Weather in April

Weather in Toronto in April is usually unpredictable. Snow is not unheard of, although it's highly unlikely—especially if you visit in the latter half of the month. In general, the climate rapidly changes throughout the month as the final days of winter fully turn into spring, and travelers who visit at the beginning of the month will likely experience very different weather from those who visit closer to May. The average high on April 1 is 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), while on April 30 it rises to 57 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius).

  • Average High Temperature: 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius)
  • Average Low Temperature: 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius)
  • Average Rainfall: 1.6 inches

Toronto has a short, mild spring. Visitors can expect at least some rain during about 11 days out of 30 in April. And if the year you visit has a particularly long winter, that rainfall could easily turn into snowfall, so you'll need to be prepared for a variety of weather possibilities.

What to Pack

The best advice for packing for April in Toronto is to bring clothes for four seasons—it may snow, rain, be sunny, or fall anywhere in between. Dress in layers with items that are easily removable, like sweaters, cardigans, light jackets, and a scarf. Water-resistant outerwear is necessary, as you're more likely than not to experience at least some rain on your trip.

A heavy parka or winter jacket may be necessary, especially if you're visiting early in the month. Check the weather predictions before your trip to see if a snowstorm is in the forecast, in which case you'll also need to pack winter boots and much warmer gear, such as gloves and a beanie.

April Events in Toronto

There are quite a few things going on in Toronto during April as the city begins to come out of a collective winter hibernation. Travelers can take advantage of fun happenings from film festivals, art shows, and outdoor events to take advantage of the newfound spring days.

  • Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival: Fans of documentary films who will be in Toronto toward the end of April will want to put Hot Docs on their radar. The popular event is North America’s largest documentary festival and features over 200 films from Canada and around the world.
  • Images Festival: You can expect a myriad of unique and thought-provoking screenings, exhibitions, and performances highlighting the work of local and national independent artists, photographers, and filmmakers at Toronto’s annual Images Festival.
  • Fashion Art Toronto: Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) is a multifaceted, five-day showcase of experimental, art-influenced fashion runway shows, performances, art installations, photography, and short films by over 200 Canadian and International fashion designers and artists. (This has been postponed to May/June in 2021).
  • Record Store Day: While Record Store Day is an international event, in Toronto you can expect the city’s independent record stores (of which there are many) to be holding events on the day which changes every year but typically falls in mid-April. (This has been postponed to a two-date event on June 12 and July 17 in 2021.)
  • Riverside Wine and Craft Beer Fest: Toronto’s Riverside neighborhood along Queen St East is home to this annual beer and wine-focused fest. Visitors can sample beverages from award-winning Ontario wineries and local breweries from all over Ontario. (Canceled in 2021).
  • High Park Cherry Blossoms: Depending on how warm April turns out to be in Toronto, you may get a chance to see the plethora of cherry blossoms that pop open in High Park creating a canopy of the pretty pink blooms. If April turns out to be warm, the end of April can be a good time to visit. See the cherry blossoms around Hillside Gardens and near the park’s duck pond.

April Travel Tips

  • Easter, which often falls in April, is a holiday weekend across Canada. Attractions may be busier than normal and some restaurants may be closed, so be sure to call ahead to confirm. In the province of Ontario, the holiday is the Friday before Easter.
  • Rainfall and snow melting can cause muddy conditions in parks, so be mindful when planning outdoor activities.
  • Since April is still low season in Toronto, there is a good chance major attractions won’t be too busy and you may be able to find deals on hotel rooms.
  • If you're into winter sports, you can still get some end-of-season skiing in at the alpine resorts around Toronto.