The Best Food Gifts From Utah

Tasty Favorites Made in Salt Lake City and Beyond

Full Frame Shot Of Various Dried Fruits For Sale
Western Nut Company uses large, high-quality nuts and roasts them in Salt Lake City. Wesley Martinez Da Costa / EyeEm / Getty Images

Food gifts are always popular for the holidays, and while supermarkets and mall kiosks offer a huge variety of yummy selections, you might want to consider giving Utah-made products. It's thoughtful and supports the local economy. Here's a list of top Utah food gifts to try.

Note: Most products are available for online ordering and shipping, as well as at retail locations throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Check the company's website for detailed information.

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    Amano Chocolate Bars
    Courtesy of Amano

    Amano crafts award-winning fine chocolate using carefully selected cocoa beans at their Orem, Utah factory. Their chocolate is available at their factory store in Orem, online or at most local grocers.

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    Apple Beer, a unique, bubbly apple beverage, is a three-time "Best of State" winner. It would be an excellent addition neighbor gift or addition to a Utah-themed gift basket.

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    Beans & Brews sells their high-altitude roasted coffee beans at several locations in the Salt Lake Valley. High-altitude roasting allows the beans to be roasted for shorter times at lower temperatures, protecting them from scorching and overbaking.

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    Creminelli Fine Meats
    Courtesy of Creminelli Fine Meats

    Cristiano Creminelli is an Italian-born artisan salami maker who has brought his talents to Salt Lake City. Creminelli's Fine Meats has been featured on the Food Network and in O Magazine. Creminelli salami and other meats are available in gift packages, or individually at local retailers such as Harmon's and Whole Foods.

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    Beehive Cheese, artisan cheese made in Uintah, Utah by brothers-in-law Tim Welsh and Pat Ford, is available at most Harmons and Dan's supermarkets, as well as a number of restaurants and specialty stores. Beehive cheeses include Utah ingredients like Beehive's own wildflower honey and Redmond RealSalt.

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    Butcher's Bunches gourmet jams are beyond ordinary - for example, their "Back in Black" raspberry jam is made with red and black raspberries soaked in Amaretto, combined with Amano artisan chocolate.

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    Fernwood Candy
    Courtesy of Amazon

    Fernwood's chocolate mint sandwiches and pecan logs are to die for, and I've been eating them at Christmas time for as long as I can remember. Fernwood also makes a variety of other excellent candies.

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    Miller's Honey Company has been in business since 1894. Their Utah clover honey, creamed honey, and flavored honey are sold at most Utah supermarkets.

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    Rico's makes some amazing chips and salsa. I especially like the Roasted Salsa and Pico de Gallo. Rico Brand products are available in most Salt Lake area supermarkets and at the company's own store located at 779 South and 500 East. The chips can be hard to find in supermarkets, so you might want to try another Utah-made brand of tortilla chips, Don Julio.

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    Taffy Town offers dozens of flavors of salt water taffy, including peppermint for the holidays. Their appealing, colorful factory store is located at 55 West 800 South.

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    Lehi Roller Mills
    Courtesy of Lehi Roller Mills

    The nice thing about giving a mix is that the recipient doesn't have to use it right away. Lehi Roller Mills puts their gourmet mixes in cute cloth bags perfect for gift giving. I like the raspberry and cranberry muffin mixes.

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    Creamy Utah truffles come in a variety of milk and dark chocolate flavors - my favorite is almond.

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    Baked goods from SLC's best bakeries are a welcome gift - Les Madeleines' famous kouing aman, cannolis from Carlucci's, French pastries from Gourmandise - there are dozens (or baker's dozens) of possibilities.

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    Full Frame Shot Of Various Dried Fruits For Sale
    Wesley Martinez Da Costa / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Western Nut Company uses large, high-quality nuts and roasts them in Salt Lake City. They also make fudge and five varieties of nut brittle candy.