6 Top Thrift Stores in Brooklyn

Looking for something cool to wear, at a bargain price? Head to these Brooklyn thrift stores and markets to find great merchandise that nobody else will have. Shopping thrift stores is a great way to furnish a home, add to your wardrobe and even find unusual gift items for Christmas, Valentine's Day and special occasions.

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    Housing Works
    ••• Housing Works in Park Slope. Courtesy of Housing Works

    Housing Works has two locations in Brooklyn, one in Park Slope and one in Brooklyn Heights. The former has children's goods, including toys and clothes. Both have a rapid turnover of fairly high quality merchandise. Prices are not rock bottom, but you can find good buys, particularly on housewares and knick-knacks such as photo frames, bowls and lamps. Look here for accessories, too — belts and bags, shoes and shawls. The items in the display windows are often the best, but these are sold by online auction. 

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    Beacon's Closet — Sleuth for Style

    Beacon's Closet Greenpoint
    ••• Beacon's Closet in Greenpoint. Courtesy of Beacon's Closet

    Beacon's Closet is an experience. You can find great bargains here, and also resell your own cool vintage items. It's the heart of the Brooklyn vintage scene. Where to find Beacon's Closet.

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    Salvation Army brooklyn
    ••• Google Maps

    You never know what you might find at the Salvation Army thrift stores in Brooklyn. Vintage etched wine glasses. Fabulous old shoes. Functional plates and silverware. Kids clothes galore. Tables, chairs, lamps and even sofas that can be refurbished (try a can of spray paint on the wood and cane pieces) and gussied up. You need to have patience and imagination when shopping in these stores. But they're chock-a-block with stuff. Check the listings of nine different Salvation Army Thrift stores in Brooklyn for the one nearest you.

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    Brooklyn Flea
    ••• Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson Place, Fort Green, Brooklyn. James Leynse/Corbis via Getty Images

    Where and what is Brooklyn Flea? This is a market with two locations (at least.) 

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    Union Max — Low Key, Low Prices

    Union Max
    ••• Courtesy of Union Max

    If you're in the market for costume jewelry in the $12-@20 range. You can also find a selection of inexpensive vintage clothing and shoes, as well as household items such as salt and pepper shakers, head to this store on the corner of Union Street and Columbia Street.

    • Where: 110 Union Street between Hicks and Columbia Streets.
    • Contact: (718) 222-1785.
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    Stella Dallas
    ••• Stella Dallas, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Courtesy of Stella Dallas

    Here's a category of store that's in-between "vintage" and "thrift." That means prices are low, the merchandise is used, but you can find great items, some newish, and possibly designer label clothing.