Top 10 Themed Restaurants Around the World

Unique Dining Experiences From All Over the Globe

Hello Kitty Restaurant, Taiwan
Lauren Juliff

Visiting a quirky themed restaurant can be a great way to learn more about the unique culture and sense of humor of a city. Here are some of the top themed restaurants around the world.

The Toilet-Themed Restaurant of Taiwan

Modern Toilet in Taipei is a fun and quirky restaurant where you can eat beef noodle soup out of a bowl shaped like a Western-style toilet. It feels a little odd at first, and probably won't be enjoyable if you're squeamish, but you might find it really fun. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and you get to say you've eaten soup out of a toilet bowl!

The Dog and Cat Cafes of South Korea

Travel can be tough, especially if you're missing pets you've left behind back home. The dog and cat cafes in South Korea (and other countries) aim to help with this by giving you a place to relax and pet some animals. Each cafe has around a dozen animals that you can hang out with, cuddle, play with and just enjoy their company. You might find a cat cafe to be much more relaxing than a dog cafe, which can get extremely chaotic whenever a new customer wanders inside.

The Condom Themed Restaurant of Thailand

Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok is one of the most unusual restaurants in the world -- it's a condom-themed restaurant! Visiting Cabbages and Condoms is an incredibly fun experience -- the restaurant has dozens of huge statues made out of condoms, like a condom Santa Claus, a condom David Beckham and a condom wedding dress. It's not all about taking funny photos, though -- Cabbages and Condoms promotes safe sex, birth control and education about sexual health.

The Hospital Themed Restaurant of Singapore

So, we all know that hospital food can be pretty dire -- but what about eating in a hospital-themed restaurant? Singapore's medically-themed restaurant is perfect for hypochondriacs. On one visit you might be provided with a fork and scalpel to cut your food with, be served beer out of an IV drip, eat your meal on an operating table, and season your food with vinegar in a syringe!

The Hello Kitty Themed Restaurant of Taiwan

If you like Hello Kitty, then you'll love the Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Taipei. Here, you can find milk shakes, burgers, and cakes -- all in the shape of this world-famous cat. The entire restaurant is pink and filled with excited children. The cake is also delicious

The Ninja Themed Restaurant of New York

Ninja, in New York City, is an enjoyable experience where you get to be served in a ninja themed restaurant. The waiters dress up as ninjas and greet you at the door by asking if you'd like to enter "the normal way or the ninja way?" and lead you through a maze to your table. For the rest of your meal, you'll witness sword tricks, fire, and smoke. 

The Jail Themed Restaurant of Japan

Aptly named The Lock-Up, this prison-themed restaurant in Tokyo is a particularly unique experience. Upon arriving at the restaurant, your waiter for the night handcuffs your wrist to his and leads you to a single table in a jail cell. Your hands are then handcuffed to the table as you’re served drinks from beakers and prison-themed food.

The Airplane Themed Restaurant of Taiwan

You already know that traveling by plane can be one of the least enjoyable parts of traveling, so why would anyone pay to have a meal in one? The A380 Sky Restaurant in Taipei is an A380 mock-up located in a mall, where you can eat in airplane-like surroundings. Unlike real planes, however, you actually get a bit of leg-room and a proper table to eat at. The food is much tastier than airplane food, and the waitresses even dress up as air hostesses. 

The Earthquake Cafe of Spain

Disaster Café, in Lloret de Mar, Spain, is an earthquake-themed restaurant, which is a bit of an unusual choice for a restaurant! Every so often, as you eat, the lights will suddenly go out as the restaurant simulates a 7.8 earthquake. You'll then have to do your very best to not spill any of your food or drink. Let’s just say this isn't a restaurant to go to in your very best outfit.

Buns and Guns: A Military Restaurant Beirut, Lebanon
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The Military Themed Restaurant of Lebanon

The hilariously named Buns and Guns in Beirut, Lebanon is a military-themed restaurant. The walls decorated with guns, ammunition, camouflage netting, and you eat to gunfire and helicopter sounds. Even the dishes all have military names, such as the Kalashnikov, Dragunov, Viper, and B52.

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