10 Top Spots to Ski in Argentina

The Andes Mountains are situated along the Argentina Chile border. Once the first snowfalls of early June start to descend, skiers are ready to slide down powdery slopes and enjoy the nightlife of ski towns all along the border. These are some of the hot spots for cold winter ski sports.

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    lorismaria/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    This ski area offers resorts, four-star hotels, and budget lodging options all at the base of the mount so that visitors can go in and out with their skis on. It has been approved by Federación Argentina de Ski y Andinismo (FASA) and Federación Internacional de Ski (FIS) and is host to national and international competitions.

    History: In 1978, Emilio López Frugoni, a ski lover from Mendoza, bought 51 hectares of land and started a project to build a ski center close to Mendoza City. The ski resort was inaugurated in 1979. Today the 25 ski runs cover a surface of about 300 hectares, with ski lifts to different levels and runs.

    Location: 112 miles (180 km) from Mendoza Capital City at the foot of Mount Aconcagua on Route 7.

    Season: June to late August

    Activities: ski, alpine, Nordic, competition and extreme; snowboarding, heli-skiing

    Services: ski school, snow garden, commercial center, daycare, clubs

    Hints & Tips:

    • Refugio Cº Aconcagua offers the most inexpensive menu in Penitentes.
    • Lomas Blancas and Ayelen restaurants offer good international cuisine.
    • La Hostería has live shows, wine bar, and pizza.
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    Lights parade at Caviahue

    Meaning “site of gathering and celebration” this spot draws people with its long ski season, natural beauty, and hot springs.

    Location: The closest airport to Caviahue is in the city of Neuquén. Flights from Buenos Aires and other popular Argentine , are offered every day. Once you arrive in Neuquén you can get a transfer Caviahue, located at 225 miles (360 km) away.

    Season: June 15 to September 30, divided into high, mid and low.

    Activities: alpine, Nordic and randonée skiing, snowboarding, rides on sleds pulled by Siberian dogs and snow racket excursionons across the forests

    Services: ski school, snow garden, kids nursery, repair workshop and equipment rental.

    Hints & Tips:

    • On Fridays, there is a lit torches parade.
    • Las Lengas coffee-shop offers fast food and regional dishes, such as grilled goat's meat and hot wine punch
    • Children from 3 months to 7 years old are taught their first steps in skiing by special instructors and babysitters at the snow garden.

    Contact / Information:
    In Caviahue: Tel.: (02948) 495053
    In Buenos Aires:
    Av. Córdoba 645, 5° piso, Capital Federal
    Tel/Fax: (011) 4314-8212 / 9180 / 5114
    Email : ventas@caviahue.com

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    Cerro Castor
    Cerro Castor​

    The newest ski resort in Argentina, this winter playground is near Ushuaia - the world's southernmost city. The stable and cold temperatures of Castor allows it to offer one of the longest ski seasons in South America.

    Recent Improvements:

    • Acquisition of specialized material in order to provide proper services to people with physical impairments (bi-ski chair and 4 outriggers), for the ski school at Cerro Castor.
    • Incorporation of new safety nets to improve safety measures in the mountain.
    • Enlargement of the beginners' zone with the incorporation of a new 100-meter-long MagicCarpet.
    • Renovation of 30% of the rental equipment at Cerro Castor (skis, boots, snowboards and helmets).

    Location: The resort is just 15 miles (26 km) from Ushuaia, which has an international airport and harbor that docks cruise ships. It can also be accessed by car/bus through National Route 3.

    Season: June 17th to October 12th

    Activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowblading

    Services: school, first aid stand, equipment rental, restaurants.

    Hints & Tips:

    • Cerro Castor has 5 excellent eateries including La Morada del Aguila, Snowbar, Parador Cota 480, Cota 420 and Parador La Barra.

    Contact / Information:
    In Ushuaia :
    Cerro Castor - Ruta 3 - KM 26
    Phone: +54 2901 499301 al 05
    Fax: +54 2901 430680
    Email : contacto@cerrocastor.com

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    Perito Moreno
    Perito Moreno

    This resort features 11 skiable kilometers distributed into 9 trails, a double 1,000-meter-long chairlift line that joins the 900-meter-high and the 1,350-meter-high areas, where snow is guaranteed all throughout the winter.

    Location: Mount Perito Moreno lies 25 kilometers away from El Bolsón and one hour away from Bariloche's airport following Route 40, which may be traveled either on board private vehicles or by hiring one of the shuttles offered by tourists operators based in El Bolsón.

    Season: From June to October

    Activities: Downhill and cross-country ski, off-piste snowshoeing, mountain hiking, and snowboarding

    Services: Coffee-shop and restaurants. Laderas ski school. Equipment rental for children and adults.

    Contact / Information:
    In San Carlos de Bariloche:
    Edificio Telesilla Séxtuple, 1er. piso
    Base Cerro Cerro Perito Moreno (8400)
    Conmutador: +54 294 4409000, con 30 líneas rotativas
    Fax: + 54 294 4409000, int. 118

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    La Hoya, Ski Resort, Argentina
    La Hoya Ski Resort

    This resort has a wonderful family atmosphere, with 10 lifts that transport more than 4 thousand skiers an hour up to the 24 trails offered.

    Location: Located Northwest of the Province of Chubut, 8 miles (13 km) from the city of Esquel. There are paved routes from Bariloche, Trelew, Puerto Madryn, Neuquén or Buenos Aires.

    Season: Early June to mid-October.

    Activities: alpine, Nordic skiing, randoneé, snowboarding

    Services: skiing and snowboarding school, snow garden, kids nursery, mini shopping center, restaurants.

    Hints & Tips:

    • There are over 100 lodging options from five-star hotels to hostels in nearby Esquel.
    • There is a coffee-shop and a large restaurant offering fast food in the middle of the ski area.
    • There are many eating options in nearby Esquel.
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    Cerro Catedral
    Cerro Catedral Resort

    Named for its mountains similar shapes as a Gothic or medieval cathedral, Cerro Catedral was one of the first ski resorts in Argentina. With this experience, Cerro Catedral, has gained a reputation for itself - all while continually updating its facilities.

    The resort has 39 lifts, which allow for a total lift capacity of the mountain to access 600 hectares of skiable surface divided into 53 well-signaled runs of various difficulties.

    Location: From Bariloche, along Bustixllo Av. to kilometer No. 8 (Catedral intersection). Then, turn left into the paved road till you reach the ski resort access, with its free parking space for 960 vehicles. There is also a regular bus service every 30 minutes. You can also go up by taxi or on a tourist excursion transfer vehicle.

    Season: From June 18th to October 10th

    Activities: Alpine, Nordic, randonée and off-piste skiing, snowboarding, sleds, paragliding, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking

    Services: Refuges, first-class restaurants, lockers, garment and souvenir stores, photo development, medical service at the base, public phones and access to the Internet at the base and at the 1,600 station, ski rental, large parking space, information center, kids nursery, ski school, shopping mall, discos, transfers to the mountain, press room, quad vehicles and snow cats.

    Hints & Tips:

    • Cabaña 1600 provides Internet access free of charge and serve coffee and hot chocolate.
    • El Rodeo has live music and activities.
    • El Cabo serves Mexican food and El Barrilete is good for pizza.

    Contact / Information:
    In San Carlos de Bariloche:
    Edificio Telesilla Séxtuple, 1er. piso
    Base Cerro Catedral (8400)
    Conmutador: +54 294 4409000, con 30 líneas rotativas
    Fax: + 54 294 4409000, int. 118
    Oficial website: http://www.catedralaltapatagonia.com
    Email: info@catedralaltapatagonia.com

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    Cerro Bayo Ski Boutique
    Cerro Bayo Ski Boutique

    Open since 1978, Bayo Ski Boutique offers 22 signaled runs and 12 lifts.

    Location: By plane, visitors can arrive in San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport, Teniente Luis Candelaria, 85 km from the village.

    Season: From June to October

    Activities: downhill skiing, snowboarding, off-piste

    Services: gastronomy, equipment rental, skiing and snowboarding school, nursery for kids, snow kindergarten, parking space and security.

    Contact / Information:
    Website: http://www.cerrobayoweb.com/newsite/index.php/en

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    Las Leñas Resort
    Las Leñas Resort

    Las Leñas has been improving its facilities with the acquisition of the new lift and other renovations including a new base with rental, parking, bar, guest services and other improvements that will decentralize the activities towards other areas within the resort.

    Location: 280 miles (450 km) from the capital of the province of Mendoza, Las Leñas can be reached by plane, car or bus. There are flights from Buenos Aires to the Malargüe airport, and from there, a transfer to Las Leñas. During the high season, there are direct flights from Sao Paolo (Brazil) to Malargüe.

    Season: From June 11th to September 24th, divided into high, mid, low and special.

    Activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile rides.

    Services: accommodation, gastronomy, kid nursery, medical clinic, institutional museum.

    Hints & Tips:

    • Ski and snowboard school Group classes begin every Sunday and Monday. Private, guided and Top classes can be hired every day.
    • For ski school reservations, contact: escuela@laslenas.com.
    • Lockers: If you do not wish to carry your skis/snowboards back to your hotel, ask about their Locker service at the base, next to the ticket office.

    Contact / Information:
    In Las Leñas:
    Tel.: (54 02627) 47-1100

    In Buenos Aires:
    Bartolomé Mitre 401 Piso 4°
    Capital Federal
    Tel/fax (011) 4819-6060

    Official website: http://www.laslenas.com
    Email: ventas@laslenas.com

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    Chapelco Ski Resort
    Chapelco Ski Resort

    This resort offers 22 trails of various difficulties and excellent snow quality. At 1,980 meters high Chapelco offers extreme adrenaline and picturesque landscapes.

    Location: By plane to Arriveat Airport Aviador Carlos Campos (Chapelco), from San Martín de los Andes, take National Route 234, bordering Lake Lácar, and then turn into National Route 19, and from there 5 more kilometers to get to the base of the mountain.

    Season:June 23 to October 14

    Activities: alpine, Nordic, off-piste skiing and randonee, snowboarding, snowmobile rides, sled rides, snow-shoeing.

    Services: first class restaurants, lockers, clothes, souvenirs and film development stores, medical assistance at the base, public phones and Internet access at the base and 1,600 station, ski rental, large parking space, information office, day-care and shuttles.

    Hints & Tips:

    • Refugio Graeff (height 1,720) is very close to the shelter built by the first pioneers in the area and offers pizzas, fast food, cakes and pastries
    • Pradera del Puma offers good pizza with champagne or hot chocolate with a piece of cake.​

    Contact / Information:
    In San Martín de los Andes:
    M. Moreno y Gral. Roca. "Solar de Roca" Local 12
    Tel. (+54) 02972 427845 / 429845

    In Buenos Aires:
    25 de Mayo 555 piso 5to.
    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
    Tel. +54(11) 5555.5700

    Oficial website: http://www.chapelco.com
    Email: agenciasma@chapelco.com

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    Batea Mahuida
    Batea Mahuida

    Location: From the City of Neuquén, 370 km away, take National Route 22 to the City of Zapala. Once there, you can take Provincial Route 13 passing by Primeros Pinos towards Villa Pehuenia. From there, go along 118 km, 50 along the paved road and the rest along the consolidated rubble road. Another option is to leave from Zapala along Provincial Route 46, across the Laguna Blanca National Park towards Aluminé, 121 km away. From there, go along 63 km till you get to Villa Pehuenia, always bordering River Aluminé.

    Season: June to October

    Activities: Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile

    Services: coffee-shop with regional dishes, mapuche crafts, equipment rental.

    Hints & Tips:
    * At the mount coffee-shop regional dishes, home-baked bread, tortas fritas and warm wine are on the menu.

    Contact / Information:
    Website: http://www.cerrobateamahuida.com.ar/