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The Italian island of Sicily is a popular travel destination with a volcano, beaches, mountains, and centuries of history and tradition. Here you will find books about Sicily travel and guides and guidebooks for Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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Top 10 Sicily Eyewitness Travel Guide

Top 10 Sicily Book photo

Small and easily portable, Top 10 books give you the best of everything from where to eat and stay to what to see and do.

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guides Sicily

DK Eyewitness

Eyewitness travel guides are packed with color photos and detailed maps and descriptions. Although heavy to carry around, they are pretty comprehensive and great for planning your travels.

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The Rough Guide to Sicily

The Rough Guide to Sicily

The Rough Guide gives you the highlights of what to see and where to go in Sicily and includes photos, color-coded street maps, and detailed listings of places to stay and eat. Also available for Kindle.

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The Stone Boudoir - Travels Through the Hidden Villages of Sicily

In the Stone Boudoir, Theresa Maggio searches for her roots and takes the reader on a fantastic travel journey through some of the small villages of Sicily. She gives the reader great insight into the culture and history of Sicily. This is not a guidebook but is a great book for anyone interested learning more about Sicly and one of my favorites. Available for Kindle.

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No Pictures in My Grave

No Pictures in My Grave, a Spiritual Journey in Sicily, is the story of a woman who goes to Sicily to find her roots. Susan Lloyd's travels and encounters give the reader an insight into Sicilian culture and traditions. Especially interesting are her descriptions of festivals and events. This is another of my favorites.

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Sicily, Three Thousand Years of Human History

Joe Palisi, an Italy Travel reader, recommends this book by Sandra Benjamin for anyone who has Sicilian roots or is interested in learning more about Sicily. The book covers 3000 years of Sicilian history up through post-WWII. Joe says, "She also spends time covering the origins of the Mafia and it's continuing influence on current day life in Sicily. There is an interesting part about tourism for those concerned about the Mafia and visits to Sicily. She points out that no visitors/tourists have ever been victims of organized crime in the hundreds of years Sicily has been hosting them. I found it a treasure trove of information."

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That Summer in Sicily

Marlena de Blasi, author of 1000 Days in Venice, relates this enchanting story of a woman growing up in a small village in central Sicily. The book presents a very interesting look at Sicilian life and the Italian farming system as it was before WWII and the changes that followed the war. Also available for Kindle.

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On Persephone's Island

When Mary Taylor Simeti went to Sicily in 1962 for a visit she ended up falling in love with a Sicilian and staying for over 20 years. In this book, she shares an insightful look at Sicilian life, culture, and history. Also available for Kindle.

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Sicily: An Illustrated History

Covers the history of Sicily, from the Greeks to modern day, in an readable format with illustrations. Also available for Kindle.

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The Leopard

Giuseppe di Lampedusa's classic book about Sicily in the 1860's. Also available for Kindle.

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