Top 3 Shopping Centers and Malls in Paris

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    Emporiums of Chic in the City of Light

    Forum des Halles
    Nelson Minar / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

    As one of the world's leading capital of fashion, you'd expect Paris to have a fair number of malls. Since most Parisians prefer "la lèche-vitrine"-- window shopping, or, quite literally, "licking the windows", most shopping areas in the city are found outdoors, in much-coveted shopping districts such as the Marais, the Champs-Elysees, or the "haute couture" district on Rue Saint-Honoré. However, three major shopping centers offer an alternative to the boutique-hopping routine, if you'd prefer a "one-stop" destination or want to browse familiar chain outlets such as Zara or H&M.

    Click through for information on the city's best places for a quick and easy shopping spree. 

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    Chic Shopping Center #1: Forum des Halles, Popular Mall in the City Center

    Forum des Halles
    Lionel Allorge / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    Looming in the smack center of Paris in the area known as "Chatêlet-Les-Halles", this giant, labyrinth-like shopping center first opened in the early 1970's, constructed following the demolition of a traditional central meat and vegetable market which had dominated the city center since the medieval period. 

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    The massive underground shopping complex-- you have to go down two long escalators from street level to access it-- isn't always very easy to navigate, and is currently undergoing major renovations, making it even trickier to get around at first. Still, it can't be beat where convenience and variety is concerned. If you're shopping for new items on a tight budget, this Parisian mall can be ideal since it includes so many stores in the mid-range, rather than focusing on luxury brands and products.

    Address: 101 Porte Berger, 1st arrondissement
    Metro/RER: Chatêlet-Les-Halles (Metro lines 1, 4, 7, 14; RER lines A, B and D
    Open: 10 am to 8pm daily, except Sundays (closed).

    Major Stores

    • Zara
    • H&M
    • Esprit
    • Comptoir des Cotonniers
    • Etam
    • Kookai
    • FNAC (electronics, books, and music)
    • Sephora (beauty and fragrance)
    • Marionnaud (beauty and fragrance)
    • Swarovski

    For more information and a full list of stores by category, visit the official website (in English).

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    Chic Shopping Center #2: Carrousel du Louvre, for After-Exhibit Shopping

    Carrousel du Louvre
    Os Rúpias / Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

    Open seven days a week, and located in the heart of Paris just beneath the Louvre Museum's famed glass pyramid, the Carrousel du Louvre is an ideal shopping center to hit if you're looking for high-quality home goods, electronics, books, entertainment, accessories and gifts. Many Parisians and visitors flock here for the Apple Store, the city's flagship. There's also a Virgin Megastore, luxury gifts, jewelry, home items awaiting here. There's also a gourmet food court on the upper level, ideal for grabbing a bite between shopping.

    Major Stores at the Carrousel

    • Apple Store
    • L'Occitane en Provence
    • Virgin Megastore
    • Esprit
    • Sephora
    • Swarovski
    • Bodum
    • Lalique

    Attractions Around the Carrousel du Louvre

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    Les Quatre-Temps, Mall in La Defense Business District

    Les Quatre Temps
    Rune Johansen / Getty Images

    Located in the massive business district just west of the city limits known as "La Defense", and boasting views of the imposing Grande Arche de la Defense, the mall known as "Les Quatre Temps" l is easily accessible via the RER (suburban train) A line from central Paris. In addition to dozens of stores, the complex counts several mid-range to excellent restaurants in the complex, as well as a megaplex cinema showing plenty of films in English with subtitles.

    Major Shops

    • H&M
    • Zara
    • Desigual
    • Habitat (home furnishings)
    • FNAC (books, music and electronics)
    • American Apparel
    • Muji (Japanese fashion and home items)
    • Lancel
    • Virgin Megastore