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Lovers of Russian antiques will enjoy perusing websites of antiquities dealers in hopes of finding that special piece. While you can easily purchase Russian antiques from shops internationally, you'll fare better if you have some knowledge of Russian collectibles and the process for getting them shipped to your home before ordering. You'll soon find that for some larger or more expensive antiques, it's best to seek them out from local shops rather than from abroad due to the shipping costs, customs fees, and concerns about the reliability of postal systems transporting goods from country to country.

You'll find high-end antique dealers in the U.S., Australia, and London as well as fun places to buy Soviet-era collectibles.

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A La Vieille Russie - New York City

A La Vieille Russie (ALVR) specializes in high-end antique items and jewelry from many countries including Russia, Italy, and England. An old family-run business founded in Kiev in 1851, they are located on Fifth Avenue in New York City.​

Goldsmith and jeweler Carl Fabergé was one of their clients and today the company is considered to be one of the top resources for information on his works. ALVR has a section on their website dedicated to Faberge items including enamel frames, egg pendants, and home decor items.

Online offerings change frequently and, as you scroll through the beautiful photographs on this site, you may find a treasure like the gorgeous 1900 Russian Cloisonné Enamel Teapot depicting the Russian eagle.

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S. J. Phillips - London

Also a family-run business, S. J. Phillips is a high-end antique dealer now celebrating their 150th anniversary. Their online catalog is a smorgasbord of treasures, many of them with Russian provenance. While perusing their website you may encounter such a find as the 19th-century Russian rectangular gold box with a country scene from St. Petersburg for the price of over £ 20,000.

They have the largest collection of Continental silver available for purchase in the United Kingdom and the largest display of antique jewelry in the country. Many celebrities shop at their New Bond Street, London location.

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Romanov Russia - Chicago

This exclusively high-end Russian antiques dealer's site states that there is an unconditional guarantee for the authenticity of the items. Beautiful pictures detail appropriate hallmarks and prices are clearly posted. Based in Chicago, they offer pre-1917 Faberge items and rare miniature Faberge eggs as well as Imperial goods and stunning Russian jewelry.

This is the site where you'll see rare Russian demantoid (the beautiful green gemstone which Faberge used in his jewelry-making) and Siberian amethyst jewelry. They also buy and sell objects related to Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia.

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Roy's Antiques

Located near Melbourne, Australia, Roy's has a special section devoted to Russian antique ceramics, enamel, silver, and icons that predate 1850. You'll find an excellent selection of Russian enamel pieces. You may come across similar items in Russian antique markets, so Roy's website is great as a price comparison resource.

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Motka - Pennsylvania

Russian antique curiosities, from Christmas ornaments to space exploration memorabilia, fill the pages of Rather reasonable prices mean that authenticity may not be guaranteed but they do offer certificates of authenticity for their Russian icons.

This is a fun site for those just becoming interested in Russian antiques and memorabilia.

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Russian Antiques on Etsy

Search for Russian antiques on Etsy and you'll come up with over 10 pages of items. With a good selection of Russian coins, medals, and military items, the Etsy site also features some contemporary objects. Many of the items are from the 20th century, so this site is perfect for the collector of Soviet-era memorabilia, knick-knacks, and curiosities.

You'll find such oddities as an old hammerhead, locks, posters, and antique radio tubes. The sellers are located around the world and use the Etsy platform to promote their Russian finds.

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